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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E20 'Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars' *Contains Spoilers*

We made it guys! Season six of Pretty Little Liars has officially concluded and now it's time for my season of recaps to come to an end as well. As ever, the final episode promised answers and only brought with it more questions... but more on those later. First lets talk about everything that went down in the finale...

Let's kick off with the thing everyone is talking about right now; the twin! As promised we finally got the 'twin twist' when it was revealed that Jessica DiLaurentis has an identical twin, an ex-Radley patient named Mary Drake. Of course, we all recognise this surname as it was once used by Cece (aka Charlotte), who just happens to be Mary's biological daughter. Yep, just when you thought the DiLaurentis family tree couldn't get any more complicated we learnt that Mary gave birth whilst at Radley (because it always comes back around to Radley) and the child was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth. Given that we were told we would find out more about Charlotte's story this season I think it's safe to say PLL did deliver on this promise.

"I would have done anything for Charlotte." - Elliot

Also confirmed in the episode was Elliot's not-so-surprise involvement in everything that's gone down in 6B. Throughout the episode we saw Alison evidently descending into madness, having visions of both her mother and Wilden which she believed to be caused by her post-staircase-fall meds. In actual fact, we learnt that these 'visions' were technically real, with Mary playing the role of Jessica and Elliot donning a mask to look like Wilden (who although we know was killed by Charlotte... still seemed like an interesting choice of character for Elliot to portray). Evidently the pair have been working together to get Ali married to Elliot and eventually locked away in order to get their hands on her share of the Carissimi Group (also apparently where Jason has been hiding all this time!). It would appear that Elliot and Charlotte were closer than we were led to believe, close enough that he would want to con Ali in order to get justice for her. Another part of the Elliot reveal was the fact that he has apparently been putting on a fake accent. When talking with Mary he became oh-so-British - perhaps designed to lead us all straight to a Wren connection?

Another finale theme promised by the show creator Marlene King was love as we saw all the popular ships back together in some way or another during this episode. First up we have Ezria, and as suspected it looks as though this pair are set to be endgame (much to my annoyance - I'm not a fan of this ship!). After completing the final chapter of their co-written novel (is it just me or did it take them five minutes to write the entire thing?), Ezra was upset about the fact he will never see Nicole again and of course Aria was there to comfort him - sorry, Liam!

Spoby also teamed up this week, this time to investigate the secret room at Radley, where along with surprise guest Mona they discovered the file on Mary Drake - but who hid it there? In other news, Veronica won the election, and interestingly Toby was there to celebrate rather than commiserating with Yvonne's family. Feeling betrayed by his allegiance to Spencer and secrecy around where he was going/why he would miss the election party, Toby's almost-fiance wasn't picking up his calls. Whilst we're on the subject of Toby, we also saw an old lady refer to him as 'pretty eyes', but why has this line come back around? A nod to seasons past, or a clue of what's to come?

"If I had just come back a few minutes earlier, or never left, things might be so different now." - Hanna

Based on the finale it appears that the Hanna/Caleb/Spencer/Toby/Yvonne/Jordan situation is about to get a whole lot more complicated in season seven after Spencer told Caleb she loved him and he didn't say it back, just smirked. He did however end up kissing ex-girlfriend Hanna, right before she was abducted. In a flashback to New York, we saw Hanna and Caleb's ultimatum-fuelled break up. Along with Caleb (who had no idea), we learnt that Hanna dropped everything and chased after him that day, but she was too late as he had already left for Europe. With this story now out in the open and Hanna's confession that she never stopped loving him the pair kissed - could this spell the end for Spaleb?

As we know, last week's episode showed Hanna put her plan to catch out the texter (who Caleb dubbed A-moji & they all thought was Sara). In order to protect Hanna, Caleb built some sort of electric fence to catch out A-moji as they approached the Lost Woods resort, and along with Ezria waited in the shadows as Hanna sent a text letting the stalker know she was 'alone'. Having seen someone approaching on the monitor, the trio were ready to catch out the person behind the texts, only to find no one was there. Concerned about what could have happened, they headed back to the room, discovering Hanna gone and a hole in the floor - whilst Caleb didn't think to check for escape routes under the rug, A-moji did! With Spoby and Mona finally present, the group gathered around a laptop to watch the camera footage from outside the room and were shocked to see someone they believed to be Ali's mum Jessica. Whilst Mary and her little helper were revelling in the success of their plan, we saw someone else (yes, there are so many people involved at this point!) dragging an unconscious Hanna to the bell tower. A final text read 'Thanks for giving me Hanna. You're free to go' and was signed A. D. - so who do we think is behind this message? 

"I'm only sure of one thing right now and that's that I need help." - Ali

Elsewhere Alison turned to Emily for someone to confide in, believing that her new husband was 'away at a conference', but as we well know he was in Rosewood all along. After leaving a distraught Ali alone to go and vote (really though, why would you leave her alone?!), Emily returned to the DiLaurentis house to find Ali gone. When she did manage to track her down over at the church, Ali confessed that she felt liked she was being punished and wanted to seek help. Later, Emily watched on as Ali checked herself into the facility Charlotte was admitted to, and in doing so she also signed over her Carissimi shares to Elliot (and Mary).

As mentioned above, this 'big reveal' episode left me with a ridiculous amount of unanswered questions - I'll be needing at least three per episode during season seven in order to wrap everything up! One of the biggest unsolved mysteries remains the identity of Charlotte's killer - all of the 'villians' playing a part in the finale seemed to be out to get justice for Charlotte, leading to the conclusion they most likely wouldn't have wanted to hurt her. Hanna's fate is another big one, if the "he's here" flash-forward scene we saw at the end of 6A is a reality and hasn't yet happened this would mean that Hanna will survive her abduction since she was present when the girls showed up (once again) to help Ali - but how will she escape her captor?

The reveal of Elliot's involvement is an element I'm hoping will be explored more in season seven as well. Just how far back do he and Charlotte go? How did they meet? Did she know he was British?! How did he meet Mary? Was he ever at Radley? And did Charlotte know anything about his and Mary's plans? Speaking of which, I'm also keen to find out how much Charlotte knew about Mary, and what other snippets she may have left out of the story when she confessed to the Liars at the end of 6A. We can assume that thanks to her use of the surname Drake as Cece, Charlotte must have known something about her birth mother, even if they hadn't actually been in contact. Question is, why would she keep this a secret? Plus, who was it that hid Mary's file? Did Mary murder Jessica?! And how is Sara involved?!

What did you think of 'Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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