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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E19 'Did You Miss Me?' *Contains Spoilers*

This week's episode picked up right where the last one left off, with Emily confronting Mona about the call that was made to the DiLaurentis house. Mona confessed that she was the one who made the call, asking Charlotte to come and meet her, but of course as we know Charlotte never showed... someone else found her first. Emily also took the opportunity to question whether Mona was the one driving the car that attacked her and escaped with the murder weapon. Mona stated that she was at work and therefore wasn't involved in this event, and I'm inclined to believe her.

Later, Emily spotted Mona talking to a familiar man; Sara Harvey's driver. She and Spencer decided it was time to do some investigating and put their acting skills to use by bumping his car in order to distract his attention long enough to sneak a peek at the suspicious item he was carrying. It turned out that he had collected plans for Radley's basement, which we then saw him toss through a passing car window, a car that Sara was driving. But why does she need these plans? Sara also decided to seek out Mona this week (yep, she's back in town staying at The Radley under a false name), and the pair discussed the Liars, with Mona asking Sara to leave them alone.

"No one blames you for what Charlotte made you do, but what you do now, that's all yours." - Mona to Sara

After their sudden wedding, Alison and Elliott were out of town (again!) this week, on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, things weren't set to be rosy, as Ali fell down the stairs, ending up in hospital. When news of the "accident" reached Rosewood, the Liars weren't convinced, immediately believing it to be the work of their new stalker (although quite how someone could have caused this to happen, I don't know) and Hanna decided to head to the hospital. Amongst the many bunches of flowers Ali had received (supposedly all from Elliott), Hanna discovered a card with an image of staircase on the front. Inside were illustrations resembling the five girls, with crosses through Ali, Aria and Emily, representing those already harmed by so-called accidents.

With Hanna headed back to Rosewood and Ali left alone to rest, her mother put in a surprise appearance - but was it all just a dream? We saw Mrs D speak with Ali, assuring her that everything will be okay now, that Elliott will protect her because he's a good man - but is this just what Ali wants to hear?

Whilst Ali was absent, Lucas was back in town and thinking about making some new investments, this time in Rosewood. Whilst working on fixing the tech at the loft, he showed Hanna images of the factory buildings he's planning to buy and asked what she would do with them. Hanna told him that she would get together some new designers to build her own brand, and to her surprise he replied 'deal', offering to invest in her venture. Although she agreed to discuss the idea with Jordan and get back to him, Hanna seemed very unsure, perhaps because of what she has been planning to do in order to put a stop to the "new A"...

Arguably the main focus of the episode was the 'big plan' to take down whoever is behind the recent threats. Confiding in Caleb, Hanna decided that the only way to put an end to the threats and "accidents" is to hand over what they want; the killer. In order to ensure her plan has a real shot at success, Hanna decided to test it out on Spencer, spinning a story about how she was the one responsible for the murder. She appeared very emotional as she told Spencer that she followed Aria and Ezra out of The Radley that night, spotting Charlotte and attacking her with a candlestick. Hanna said she erased the security footage not to protect Aria, but to cover up her crime and finished with the simple words "I murdered Charlotte". Spencer's reaction said it all; Hanna's fake confession plan could really work!

"It's happening again, and we're going to do something about it." - Aria

Naturally, the extreme plan gained mixed reactions from the group, with Emily in particular showing concern, but in the end they all agreed to support Hanna's idea and decided it was time to let Ezra in on the secret too. Aria confessed to him that what happened to Ali was no accident, just like what happened to her last week wasn't either.

Over at the loft, Hanna finally put the plan into action, sending the stalker a message that read "Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte". Of course, we're yet to see the stalker's reaction to the text - the writers are obviously saving that for next week's finale!

What did you think of 'Did You Miss Me?'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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