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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E18 'Burn This' *Contains Spoilers*

With everything that went on last week, Aria, Hanna and Emily were left arguing over what to do about the new stalker, in particular disagreeing on whether or not they should tell Toby. As they looked through the wedding photos on Aria’s camera they came across some photos which proved, as we suspected, the stalker must have been present at the event. The photos showed a message that read “give me the killer... by election night... or you lose” – question is, why does this person believe the Liars know the killer’s identity?

After her attack, Emily was convinced that Melissa was the one behind the wheel. Doing a little investigating of her own, Emily headed to a local mechanic to try and find out more about the hire car. Emily showed the mechanic a photo of Melissa, asking whether she was the one who brought the car in, only to be told 'that's not her'. After Emily had left, we saw the mechanic wipe clean the marks on the car and reach underneath it to retrieve a stack of cash – was this all just a distraction to throw the girls off course?

Mr Hastings was back in town this week and Spencer was not happy about what he had to say. After he scolded her for still seeing Caleb and revealed that Melissa had slipped off back to London, Spencer flipped out, calling him a hypocrite for shipping his eldest daughter off to Europe to help cover up the fact that she murdered someone. Peter however, got the wrong end of the stick stating ‘she didn’t kill anyone, she was being blackmailed’… yep, that’s right, Melissa has received threatening messages too. Prior to Charlotte’s hearing Melissa was asked to hand over cash in order to prevent a video of her confessing to burying Bethany being released. Peter explained that they didn’t know who was behind the messages but paid up anyway, believing that it would all go away if they did as instructed. 

Things on the book front were looking positive this week as Ezra revealed to Aria that he had officially pitched her to boss Jillian as a co-writer for the novel. Shocked that her boss would even agree to such an idea, Aria of course accepted the offer – but with a stalker on the loose will she ever get to be a published author?

Unfortunately, things were about to go downhill for Aria when Tanner tracked her down, believing that she fitted an eyewitness description of the person who potentially made the call to the DiLaurentis house the night Charlotte died. Although Aria claimed never to have been to the diner the call was made from, she agreed to take part in a line up in order to be eliminated as a suspect. Post-line up Aria saw a blonde leaving the station and decided to go back and confront Tanner, asking whether Sara was the eyewitness from the diner. Whilst Tanner was distracted by a phone call, Aria managed to sneak a peek at the report which described the caller as an attractive brunette with a pink dice key chain – the key chain being a potential clue that re-emerged later in the episode.

Naturally, Toby showed up at the Hastings’ residence this week, furious with Caleb for leaking the story about Yvonne, but instead of letting him in on the truth Caleb chose to continue protecting the ‘stalker’ secret, causing Toby to punch him in the face - ouch! Elsewhere Mona confronted Spencer about the leak too and Spencer even went as far as to ask Mona if she was responsible. Mona revealed that she had been fired over the leak, with all staff on the Phillips campaign being looked at more closely, leading them to discover her involvement in what happened with Veronica’s medical records.

"I feel like when we're picturing our future together, we're not looking at the same picture anymore." - Toby

Back with Spoby, we got some flashbacks this week, showing us a little more of what went on between the pair and ultimately how their relationship fell apart. It was revealed that they went through a pregnancy scare during the time jump and back in the present day, having experienced this, Spencer told Toby that she didn’t want him to ever think she would judge Yvonne for her choice. Spencer also let Toby in on the big "A"-is-back secret, saving the other girls from having to make the decision whether or not to do so.

Whilst Spencer was thinking about her ex, her current boyfriend was trying to find somewhere to stay after being kicked out of the barn thanks to the scandal. The last stop on Caleb’s list was The Radley but even they couldn’t offer him a room. Somewhat awkwardly Ashley offered up the Marin’s guest room, not wanting him to be left with no place to go, but he politely declined. When Hanna found out about the offer it’s safe to say she was not happy about it, claiming that it was the same as her mother saying she preferred him to Jordan.

Even with this issue aside, Hanna was lashing out at Ashley quite a bit this week as she tried to organise an unwanted bridal shower for her daughter. Along with the Liars and some of Hanna’s NY pals, an unexpected guest showed up on the doorstep bearing a gift; Mona. Unable to understand why the pair drifted apart after all they had been through together, Ashley invited Mona in to join the party. Needless to say it was a pretty awkward gathering, particularly when Hanna’s friends couldn’t even answer basic ‘how well do you know the couple?’ questions like how they met and where he proposed - another hint at some definite cracks in the relationship. This was also where the episode’s title ‘Burn This’ came into play, as chaos broke out at the party due to a "malfunction" with the high tec app used to control everything at Lucas' loft. Before anyone had a chance to realise what was happening, a fire broke out right by where Aria was standing and she was injured.

Over at the hospital she had Ezra by her side, bearing magazines, clothes and food. Although she tried to tell Ezra the fire wasn’t an accident, she decided to keep quiet and keep him out of the “new A” loop… for now at least. A little later, Liam showed up having finally gotten the message about the accident. Still seemingly okay with last week’s revelations of Ezria’s past relationship, Liam thanked Ezra for looking after Aria before taking his place at her bedside. He also came with some news of his own; Jillian had approved the co-written book idea and Aria is set to be a published author!

After the party we revisited the mystery of the call from the diner when Mona was helping Emily clear up the mess. As Mona toward her car, Emily noticed her keyring - a pink dice keyring – and decided to ask outright if she was the one who called Charlotte on the night of the murder. Interestingly, Mona didn’t deny the accusation, instead simply stating ‘I can’t talk about this here’.

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