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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E17 'We've Got All The Baggage' *Contains Spoilers*

After all of the behind-the-scenes campaign drama last week Caleb went ahead and corrupted the files, evidently finding a way to ensure this could not be traced back to him or the Hastings' camp. Although Spencer decided not to bring up the contents of the file, her mother figured out something was wrong leading to a confrontation between the pair. Veronica confessed that with only a little time left in the campaign she was advised by Gil to keep the secret but was planning on telling her daughters everything after the election.

Knowing that the opposition may have gotten their hands on the information, Veronica decided to speak publicly about her history with cancer, but little did she know another story was also about to be released too. Whilst she was recording her speech, private details about Yvonne (the daughter of the opposing candidate and Toby's new girlfriend) getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy back in high school were also made public. Damaging to the Phillips pro-life campaign, the opposition were quick to blame the Hastings camp for the leak, having tracked down an expert who informed them that Spencer's IP address was the source. Of course, we know that Spencer had nothing to do with the leak but Veronica just couldn't believe in her daughter's innocence this time around. And so entered Caleb, who quickly stepped up to take the blame and in doing so lost both his job and home as Veronica kicked him off the campaign and out of the barn.

"This is the truth she needs to win. If there needs to be a scapegoat, let it be me. Not you." - Caleb

The big event this week was the (second) wedding of Aria's parents Ella and Byron, although it was not attended by all of our main characters - Aria admitted she felt it could be awkward for some of her friends (read: the Spencer, Hanna and Caleb triangle). Hanna found something to take her mind off losing her job; helping Ella pick out her wedding dress! After confessing that she hasn't even picked out her own dress yet despite her engagement to Jordan, Hanna decided to avoid her own problems and threw herself into full wedding planning mode, helping out with the table decorations and other last-minute arrangements. Elsewhere, Byron reached out to Aria, asking her to officiate the wedding. During this conversation we also learnt that Mike would not be attending the wedding having not forgiven his father for hurting Ella several years back (or rather, the actor is on another show now...).

When not worrying about wedding prep, Aria was still struggling with how she was going to tell Ezra about the chapters she wrote and turned in to her boss in his absence. When she finally did let him in on the secret his reaction was surprisingly positive as he seemed to understand that she was trying to look out for him, and in exchange he was insistent that she not put her job at risk by telling the truth. Will the pair end up working together to create the final novel?

Although Aria's conversation with Ezra ended on a positive note, things were about to go downhill once again. When Aria's current boyfriend Liam bumped into her ex Ezra, the conversation quickly turned from the Montgomery wedding to the contents of the book. Ezra explained that his protagonist isn't based on Aria, not realising that she never told Liam about their romantic history - uh oh. Shocked by the revelation Liam walked out, leaving Aria to watch on. Luckily for her, Liam decided to show up at her parent's wedding (which went surprisingly smoothly considering this is Rosewood), giving her the chance to explain and apologise. All is well... for now at least.

Continuing on with the theme, another happy couple decided it was time to tie the knot this week. Despite the fact that Aria didn't even know the pair were a couple, Ali and Elliott showed up on her doorstep and asked her to marry them right away. We already knew that Ali was going to become Mrs Rollins at some point but I for one definitely wasn't expecting it to happen so soon!

In terms of solving Charlotte's murder the mystery of Melissa's broken suitcase came back around this episode as we saw Spencer's big sister return to town with a brand new one. Still suspicious that the broken part could be the missing murder weapon, Spencer and Caleb attempted to quiz Melissa without letting on that they were potentially accusing her of murder. Her answers however didn't seem to hold up, as she tried to blame everything from a bad cab driver to pot holes and traffic - Caleb wasn't buying it... and neither was Hanna!

In another flash back we got to see an interesting interaction between Hanna and Melissa, who evidently bumped into each other at London Fashion Week sometime during the five year jump. In this scene we saw Melissa upset over Wren leaving her and some sort of secretive phone calls he was having with Charlotte at the time. Supposedly whatever Charlotte had been telling Wren was enough to change his opinion of his long-term girlfriend (perhaps revealing her involvement in Bethany's death) and we saw her visibly angry at Charlotte - enough to raise Hanna's suspicions in the present day.

"Someone needs to shut her up for good." - Melissa 

The stalker left a few messages again this week, including their first to Alison which read 'does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night? I do'. This prompted Ali to confess to Elliott that the night Charlotte returned home she had told her older sister about their relationship. Although Charlotte had nothing to say on the matter, Ali suspected Charlotte felt betrayed and angry which left her blaming herself for her sister leaving the house that night. In the end Ali replied to the stalker's text, simply asking 'Sara? Is that you?'. We're yet to hear if she received a reply...

Another stalker-victim this week was poor Emily - she's really having a tough time this season! Not only did she receive a box of baby goodies complete with threatening note (that suggested the stalker has their hands on her donated eggs) but she was also attacked. After making a new 'friend' in Damian (who you may remember as the reporter Spencer had a run in with a couple of episodes back), Emily was able to confirm that Melissa was definitely back in town before Charlotte's release. Not only that but she also came into contact with part of a broken suitcase that was potentially the murder weapon everyone has been searching for.

Scared and alone in the dark with no phone signal, Emily was harassed by a car driven by someone who was clearly trying to scare her. After the car drove over her phone, crushing it beyond repair, Emily was forced to run and seek safety on the roof of a building where she found a metal object fitting the description of the murder weapon. As the car drove away Emily believed that she was safe climbing down from the roof, potential murder weapon in hand only for the car to return and somehow retrieve the object. If it is the murder weapon, it now has Emily's fingerprints all over it. When she finally made it back home, Emily told Hanna about the ordeal and her realisation that there must be two people after the Liars; one who wants the murder solved and one who wants it covered up.

"There's now more than one person after us?" - Hanna

"There's definitely two." - Emily

Although Sara is still on the suspect list, she was nowhere to be found this week and neither was the mysterious secret passageway in her hotel room at The Radley. When Ali, Emily and Hanna headed to the room to check out what Aria and Spencer had found, the room was a complete mess and the hole in the closet was gone. Hearing someone coming into the room, the girls hid in the closet however after they left we saw that the person who came in was wearing a mask - is one person donning all of these mysterious masks or do we have another 'team' on our hands?

This week's end scene once again snuck in a clue... or a red herring! As usual we got to see a sneak peek into the life of whoever is watching the Liars, this week they appeared to be reading a universal remote control manual and had a big slice of wedding cake sitting on the table next to it. Was the person behind the texts (or the person behind the murder) a guest at the Montgomery wedding?

What did you think of 'We've Got All The Baggage'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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