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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E16 'Where Somebody Waits For Me' *Contains Spoilers*

Once again, the threats were flooding in this week. After losing her job in the previous episode, Hanna headed out of Rosewood with Jordan but unfortunately for them the stalker was on their tail. Whilst Jordan still has no idea about the text messages Hanna and her friends have been receiving, he was the subject of a threatening note and breakfast plate left for Hanna, which read 'the honeymoon is over'.

The new stalker was also causing trouble elsewhere this week as things were just getting worse and worse for poor Emily. After her scare at the clinic last week she headed there to check in, only to find out that due to a "malfunction" with their freezer units her eggs had been lost... along with those belonging to around thirty other donors. Naturally Emily was upset by this new development, feeling sad not only for herself but for all of the other people affected by the incident. In the past A's games tended to just hurt the Liars and their families, but it looks as though this new 'villain' figure isn't afraid to involve others too.

Aria's new boyfriend Liam unexpectedly showed up in Rosewood this week, keen to talk about Ezra and his book. When Aria handed over the chapters, Liam read them with interest and was impressed... by Aria's writing. Turns out he recognised her writing style and a little snippet from her own life she put into the story, one that Liam was around for too. Interestingly, he called her out on this straight away, wondering why she would do it as well as whether Ezra was aware of what was going on.

Later when Ezra returned to Rosewood, he and Aria finally spoke about what happened the night of Charlotte's murder. As suspected he had been keeping quiet at the request of Byron who didn't want his daughter to know that her parents were back together. But what about after Aria headed back to The Radley? Ezra said he went to the 'house of pies' where he chatted to a trucker before heading home - at this point I don't think anyone still believes he had anything to do with the murder. Although this cleared up some of the recent trouble between the pair, things were about to get awkward once again when Ezra handed over his own chapters, asking Aria to read them before they were sent off to her boss. Of course, we didn't see a confession from Aria, no mention of writing any chapters of her own, most likely not wanting to damage her fragile relationship with Ezra. It's not clear when this secret will come out. or what Aria plans to do next but we can be sure it's not the last we'll hear of this story.

"What happened to Charlotte DiLaurentis, that is the first homicide we have had in five years. All the time you and your friends weren't here, no murders. But when everybody gets together... I just think that's a very interesting statistic. Don't you?" - Tanner

Tanner was also back this week and as usual she was very suspicious of the girls, telling Emily about her concerns and talking about 'taking steps' to ensure they all stick around town until the mystery is solved. She also told Ali and Elliot a little more about Charlotte's case, revealing that the murder weapon was a hollow metal rod with a rectangular end, and that a call was made that night to the DiLaurentis residence from a restaurant called The Two Crows. Whilst Ali and Elliot had no recollection of any calls that night, Tanner told them that the call was answered and lasted more than three minutes, leading them to conclude Charlotte must have spoken to someone. Road trip to the Two Crows next week anyone?

When Emily and Spencer decided to go to Ali and let her in on all things new stalker, she told them all about Tanner's description of the weapon leading Emily to exclaim "are we being punked?!". With the description not quite fitting that 9 iron the girls have been searching for, Melissa's luggage became the new murder weapon suspect. Early on in the episode Gil (who is working on the Hastings campaign) asked Spencer to pass on a message to her sister to try and get a hold of her flight number, but when Spencer found the suitcase in her barn she discovered a part fitting the description was missing. It looks as though Melissa (who was nowhere to been seen this week) may be the next suspect on the girls' list.

After cloning Yvonne's phone last week, Caleb had some bad news for Spencer when he revealed that the opposition had somehow gotten their hands on her mother's medical records, most likely planning to leak them to the public to convince voters that Mrs H is not well enough to serve. Not only that but she had been hiding this diagnosis from her daughter. Realising that Mona had something to do with this Spencer confronted her about whether she asked Yvonne leave her phone behind on purpose as a test of trustworthiness. As it turned out Mona did ask Yvonne to do this, but not for the reasons Spencer first thought. Believing it would be wrong to leak the opposing candidate's medical records, Mona made sure Spencer would find out, but had no idea that she had been kept in the dark about the health issues. Interestingly, we also saw Caleb confront Mona this week, seemingly concerned that her involvement in the Phillips campaign is just a way for her to mess with Spencer just like she did back when she was A. Call me suspicious, but I feel like Caleb knows more about Mona's role in things than it appears.

Concerned for her mother and the campaign, Spencer turned to Caleb and asked him to erase the files. Of course, knowing that this would a) alert the Phillips team to the fact he has access to their files, and b) alert the authorities to the fact he's already been breaking the law, he refused, instead advising Spencer get her mother to go public with the information before the opposition has the chance.

Once back in Rosewood Hanna also turned to Caleb when she needed someone to talk to about the new threats. Here we got out first flashback showing a little snippet of what went wrong between Haleb a few years earlier. The sequence showed Hanna happy, and enjoying working in the New York fashion world, whilst Caleb was left feeling neglected, complaining that he never got to see her anymore. It seemed as though Caleb didn't take to life in New York as well as Hanna and showed how the pair began to drift apart.

"All the people who could've killed Charlotte... they might've done it because they thought it was what we wanted." - Emily

Picking up where last week's episode left off we, along with Aria and Spencer, got to find out what was hiding behind the secret hole in the closet of Sara's Radley hotel room. Firstly it led to a ladder, followed by a long narrow corridor that the girls concluded must have been built when the place was still a sanitarium meaning the hotel owners must not be aware of it's existence. They quickly decided that this would have been the route Charlotte took to escape from Radley during her time as a patient when they found an exit from the building concealed by a filing cabinet. On their little adventure, the girls also came across some old equipment from Radley's past, including something that very much resembled the electrocution 'game' they were put through in the doll house. At the very end of the episode we saw someone (presumably our new stalker friend) cleaning up the old Radley equipment the pair had spied earlier. It looks as though they're planning on using it too - we were told this season was going to get a lot darker, is this hint of what's to come for the Liars? A dollhouse take two perhaps?!

I won't try and get into all of the interesting theories I've seen flying around (this post would be really long) but some of them definitely have me buying into the Wren is Uber A/the 'he' the girls are scared of idea, especially after Caleb's line this week about solving an equation and how it fits in with this old gem that's been floating around since the pre-A reveal days. Reading too much into things? A strong possibility but it does sort of make sense. As it has now been confirmed that the long-awaited twin plot will be coming to the series very soon, I'd also love to know which character you think has the twin?!

What did you think of 'Where Somebody Waits For Me'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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