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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E15 'Do Not Disturb' *Contains Spoilers*

This week's episode kicked off with the reveal of Byron's big secret. So, was he involved in Charlotte's murder? Negative. The big secret was that Aria's parents are back together and even perhaps even planning on getting remarried. With their daughter back in town, making it harder for them to hide the secret, they came clean and Aria discovered that Ella was with Byron the night of the murder, crossing him off the suspect list. It looks as though this could be the secret Ezra was trying to hide from Aria too, although of course this doesn't absolve him from having anything to do with what happened to Charlotte that night.

Alison was back in town this week and got a strange visit from Sara who said she was there to apologise for lying on the stand, claiming that she only did what she had to to protect herself. Sara told Ali she felt like a sister to Charlotte, although there were parts of her life which neither her nor Ali knew about. Sara's proposition is that the two put their knowledge together to build a better picture and make sense of what happened to Charlotte - but can Ali trust her? Duh, I'm thinking not.

Elsewhere, it was the day of Emily's appointment at the clinic, but with Ali back in town asking to see her, Emily's mind was on other things. Before she headed out Dr Rollins showed up at the apartment to try and convince her that she should give Alison another chance and whilst there he caught a glimpse at her letter from the clinic. Of course, when Ali showed up Emily wrongly assumed Dr Rollins had spilled her secret, resulting in Ali accompanying her to the appointment.

After the procedure, Emily saw Sara dressed as a masked nurse, tampering with her IV - but was this just a dream? Ali sure thinks so. Claiming she was outside the room the whole time and would have noticed if Sara had been creeping around Ali tried to calm Emily down but things were about to get even worse. A nurse arrived with some news; the couple who wanted Emily's eggs had decided to back out after finding that they were already pregnant, leaving her to make a big decision. As the eggs had already been retrieved Emily's options were limited; keep, destroy or donate? As we know, Emily was feeling positive about the good deed she was doing whilst earning herself enough money to finish college, and opted to donate elsewhere stating that she still wants to help a couple to have a family. Sadly, the new stalker has eyes everywhere, and delivered a box of eggs to her door with a note that read 'give me the killer or i'll use your eggs'.

"That trash can full of black hoodies? It felt like somebody was saying all the rules are changed." - Spencer

The missing security footage was still causing drama this week, as Hanna confronted Ashley about the convenient disappearance of the backup drive. Although we know Ashley was in possession of this, she refused to admit to Hanna that it was anything more than a coincidence and simply stated that it was gone. Knowing that the new stalker was sure it hadn't been destroyed, Hanna turned her mum's place upside down looking for it but had no luck. In an attempt to get top suspect Sara out of her hotel room long enough to search for clues, Hanna and Aria decided to lure her away with the promise of the drive. With a fake prepared by Caleb, Hanna headed to the agreed alley location and dropped it off as instructed and we saw that mysterious black car lurking close by once again.

After putting it off for far too long, Hanna rushed off back to New York at the demand of her overly-dramatic boss only to lose her job. When she arrived she found that Claudia had replaced her with a new assistant and we saw Hanna stand up for herself, refusing to take any of Claudia's bargains or be crushed by her words. Although she was doubting herself, Jordan seemed supportive of Hanna's decision and offered his connections to help find her a position working for another designer. At least for now though, it looks like Hanna has no reason to leave Rosewood.

With her suspicions turned toward Sara, Aria called on Spencer to help with her investigation. The pair managed to sneak into Sara's empty room to look for the missing golf club and made more than one odd discovery whilst they were there. First up were the rows of gloves (all mounted on plastic hands!) in which Spencer came across floorplans for both the Radley Hotel and Radley Sanitarium. By layering one over the other, Spencer discovered that Sara's hotel room is the same part of the building where Charlotte once lived. When she ran off to find her friend and tell her the news, Aria was nowhere to be found and instead Spencer was greeted by a mysterious hole in the wall, with a ladder leading down into darkness. Fingers crossed we find out more about this revelation next week!

Speaking of Spencer, she had an impromptu lunch with Yvonne this week after a calendar 'mix up' which reeked of stalker intervention. We're not sure why this new stalker may have wanted the pair to meet up but it led to some possible new answers when Yvonne accidentally left her phone behind at the restaurant and Spencer, naturally, took it straight to Caleb. Being the super-hacker that he is, Caleb was quick to confirm that he would be able to clone the phone and use it to try and find out who has been sending the texts. Things took a turn for the worse though, when Spencer went to drop off the phone at the restaurant's lost and found only to bump into Mona who had apparently (as she works for the opposition, aka Yvonne's mother) been trying to track it down. Although she agreed not to tell it was made to seem as if Mona may know more than she's letting on.

At the very end of the episode we saw Caleb turn the tables on the new stalker, or as he likes to call them 'Evil Emoji'. It turns out that fake drive he gave to Hanna... well, not so fake. In fact he used it to send a video message with a virus sure to make whoever is behind the texts even angrier. Are the Liars one step ahead of whoever is out to get them? Or did Caleb just make things a whole lot worse for the girls?

What did you think of 'Do Not Disturb'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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