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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E14 'New Guys, New Lies' *Contains Spoilers*

This week the 'A' game was back in full swing with text threats from the mysterious stalker popping up all over the place. It's evident that whoever they are, they love emojis... but seriously, when Hanna decided to turn the tables and reply to one of their texts asking 'do I know who you are?' she received a simple 'yes' in reply - start lining up your suspects now! A golf club also caused a lot of drama this week when the new stalker text the girls a photo of a 9 iron, claiming that it was the murder weapon the police are looking for.

"It's happening again... isn't it?" - Spencer

Suspect-wise Sara Harvey was top of the list when it came to the new flurry of taunting text messages but I find it difficult to believe that the girls were so quick to jump to this conclusion, having done so in the past with A and been so utterly wrong so many times. Have they not learnt their lesson?
With super-hacker Caleb on their side, the Liars were pretty quick to track down the source of the messages and Spaleb (are we calling them that now?) headed off to investigate. In a garage they discovered a lone dustbin containing a buzzing phone, gloves and a black hoodie - this must have been the same one we saw in the previous episode, when our latest stalker was seen to be ordering uniforms.

Ezra was still looking suspicious too, having disappeared off out of town. Sabrina seemed to think this was normal, telling Aria he regularly leaves Rosewood for a few days - but where has Ezra been going?! Desperate to figure out if the golf club belonged to him, Aria roped Emily in to helping her break in to Ezra's apartment to search for clues. Whilst snooping she listened to his answerphone messages, discovering one from her father that really raised suspicions. In the message Byron told Ezra that they needed to talk about what Ezra 'thinks he saw that night'. With the mysterious message and his 9 iron found safely in it's place, it looks as though Ezra has been keeping quiet in an attempt to protect Aria from what her father may have done, rather than because he himself is guilty of the murder.

"Charlotte DiLaurentis will walk the streets of Rosewood over my dead body." - Byron

In a flashback we saw Aria watch on as her parents argued over Ella paying Charlotte a visit to try and figure out her side of the story. As Ella explained that the doctors thought Charlotte was improving and that she may be released, we saw Byron grow angry, insistent that she must stay locked up and away from his daughter which pops him high up on the top suspects list. Not only was he seen wandering around at The Radley and missing a 9 iron, but he was also acting very strangely towards his daughter. When Aria called him to talk about the night of Charlotte's death, he was quick to tell her it wasn't a good time and hung up, only for us to then see him in a car, telling someone 'I think she knows'. At the end of the episode he finally called her back, asking her to meet alone as he has to tell her something - just what does Byron know about that night? And is Ezra in on the secret?

Elsewhere Hanna decided to come clean about the security footage to both Ashley and Jordan. First up she confessed to her mum, claiming that she only did it to save Aria. Whilst Ashley didn't feel Hanna should have to protect her high school BFFs any longer, she revealed that Hanna's little stunt would be no use anyway; the tapes are automatically backed up elsewhere. Although Ashley was quick to shoot down Hanna's idea of retrieving the tapes before the police could, we later saw her home alone clutching a copy of the backup tape but we have no idea what she had to do to get hold of it.

"You're not in high school anymore. You don't owe them anything." - Ashley

Next up, Hanna turned to Jordan who seemed to be very understanding of her actions. Meeting with a lawyer, Hanna confessed what she had done and was reassured everything would be okay as no one would be able to prove she did anything wrong. The lawyer also let Hanna know that she would need to come clean about everything to her, to avoid any surprises when being questioned by the police. Unfortunately, at this point we saw Hanna tell another lie to her fiance, hiding the new mysterious text messages just as the girls did back in high school.

The relationship drama also continued this week with everyone, including Toby, finding out about Spaleb. Although he wouldn't admit it, Toby didn't exactly seem okay with the idea however this week we, and Spencer, got to meet his new lady Yvonne (the one he's been building that house for!). It just so happens that Toby's new girlfriend is the daughter of the opposing candidate, meaning that her and Spencer were crossing paths all over the place and even working an event together. The pair actually seem to be quite similar and get along well, yet Spencer still didn't seem completely comfortable with the idea that Toby may be about to propose to Yvonne.

This week's end scene revealed that a suspicious man seen watching Emily and Aria through a window earlier in the episode was in fact not an old man at all, but was someone wearing a mask. Just who has been hiding behind the disguise and why? Did they arrange for Ashley to get hold of the backup footage in order to keep playing with the Liars? Is it even safe for the girls to be discussing any of this in Lucas' apartment?! One thing we do know is that the photo of the 9 iron was taken at The Radley... but as always the latest episode of PLL leaves us with so many questions!

What did you think of 'New Guys, New Lies'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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