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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E13 'The Gloves Are On' *Contains Spoilers*

As it turns out, sometime during the five years we were absent from life in Rosewood the local police department really upped their game! Whilst looking into the night of Charlotte's murder they noticed that some security footage was missing from the hotel's tapes, pushing Ashley to the forefront of their investigation. They managed to (very quickly!) determine that the footage was erased but when Ashley confronted her daughter about the situation, Hanna denied deleting anything - it looks as though the lies are about to start stacking up once again!

This week saw the return of not one, but two familiar faces; Lucas and Melissa. Whilst grabbing herself a coffee at The Brew, Hanna ran into Lucas who we learnt now has a successful career creating game apps and owns many properties, including one in Rosewood. After learning that her mother was being pressured by the police thanks to the deleted footage and sweating about the possibility of the Liars becoming top suspects, Hanna turned to Lucas for help, asking him to be her alibi for the night of Charlotte's murder. Although Hanna tried to take back her request, feeling guilty for asking her old friend for such a huge favour, Lucas agreed to corroborate her fabrication that they spent the night eating pizza and catching up on the last five years.

Later over at the police station, Lorenzo grilled the pair on what happened that night and sticking to his word Lucas lied for Hanna. Unfortunately, since Rosewood PD really have upped their game, Lorenzo was quick to pick holes in the story. Lucas asked Hanna outright if she did have anything to do with what happened to Charlotte and whilst she of course told him no, she also stated that he was much braver than her mother for even asking the question. Hanna knows that Ashley is not 100% sure that her daughter is innocent this time around, and as we know she has a right to feel this way since Hanna was the one who erased the footage of Aria. With Charlotte's case putting distance and tension between Hanna and her mother, she confessed to Lucas that being stuck in Rosewood and waking up in her old room has been tough. With this, Lucas was quick to offer Hanna his place whilst he's away working.

Melissa was back in town to help out with her mother's campaign for state senate, and of course to grill Spencer on what's going on between her and Caleb. Whilst Spencer wasn't giving anything away to her older sister, later in the episode (with Hanna's blessing) Spencer decided to take the opportunity to tell Caleb how she really feels and the pair hooked up. It looks like we may have a new couple in Rosewood!

"What if all of those years of being stalked and tortured... what if that hardened me?" - Spencer

Over on the campaign trail, Spencer ran into some trouble when a Hollis reporter began asking her more personal questions. Interested in her thoughts about Charlotte, reporter Damian definitely ruffled Spencer's feathers, although she managed to hold her own. Still annoyed about the incident, Spencer decided to head back and confront him about his real motives, only to find out that he had also been talking to Mona. Whilst he stated this was only a coincidence - she's working for the opposition after Mrs H turned her down for a job - Spencer looked unsure, and she's not the only one made to feel uneasy by this new character. Melissa was convinced she had messed up when she saw notes on Damian's pad referring to a tape, which she assumed was the one she made the night Ali went missing. Of course, Spencer quickly realised that the tape being referred to could in fact be the security footage from the hotel - did someone else see it before it was erased?

This week a couple of Emily's big secrets came out, and her story is beginning to unravel. Unfortunately, Emily wasn't home when the Fields' mail arrived and Pam found a letter from Pepperdine, discovering in the worst way possible that Emily had been lying to her and didn't actually graduate college at all. Upset about the betrayal, Pam asked that her daughter promise not to go through anything else alone when they can do so together, leaving Emily with more feelings of guilt over another secret.

The second secret was accidentally discovered by Hanna who caught Emily injecting herself in the thigh and, like a good friend, was quick to show her concern. At first Hanna thought the worst, that Emily could be ill but it turns out as many fans suspected, she is planning to donate her eggs for money. Completely broke after dropping out of college and blowing all of the money her dad left her on... well, we're not actually sure what, Emily has been lying about her job at the Selk Institute to cover up her situation. Although Hanna offered to help out with a loan, Emily refused stating that she genuinely feels good about what she is doing as she will be helping two people to start a family, to which Hanna simply replied "they are the luckiest couple in the world".

Unfortunately Sara is also still showing up everywhere Emily goes, but this week we got to find out more about what actually happened between her and the girls thanks to a flashback. After Emily punched Sara all those years ago she was electrocuted as the other girls watched on. This reveal was actually a little underwhelming considering how much it has been mentioned so far which has me thinking that perhaps it, and Sara, may play a bigger part in the story later on.

After hearing that her boss may be about to drop Ezra, Aria decided to take matters into own hands. At lunch the pair discussed the contents of the USB drive he handed over last week and Ezra gave Aria all of the chapter and a half he managed to write before the tragedy with Nicole. Interestingly, we also saw Ashley reject Ezra's order of alcohol due to a previous incident - just what went down at the new hotel? Refusing to let him lose his book deal, Aria typed up the chapters in an attempt to inspire him to continue with his novel but with a next day deadline on the cards, Aria began another deception. So how does she plan to get the book ready for the tight deadline? By pretending to be Ezra and writing the chapters herself - oh, Aria!

"I'm not going to pretend that I am sorry that the person who made your life a living hell, who tormented you five years later... I'm not going to say that I am sorry they're dead 'cause I am not." - Ezra

Panicked about her friends still suspecting that he had something to do with Charlotte's death, Aria decided it was time to confront Ezra and let him know she would be willing to lie for him if necessary. Just as she confessed she thinks he may have killed Charlotte in order to protect her, the other Liars showed up with concerns of their own. Still refusing to admit where he went after seeing Aria's taxi off back to the hotel, Ezra became incredibly angry and asked the girls to leave.

At the very end of the episode we were treated to another peek from the point of view of our potential new 'A'-type character, whoever they may be. This time round they were also connecting... or re-connecting with the girls as all four phones started to buzz and we saw Aria receive a text stating 'You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk', complete with devil skull emoji. We saw a whole bunch of familiar A props, including dolls, clowns, the Ali masks and a record player and panned across to the mysterious figure as they pulled out a black hoodie, threw it into a bin then used a laptop to search for 'uniforms'. It sounds as though the Liars could have another team to contend with.

What did you think of 'The Gloves Are On'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps!
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