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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E12 'Charlotte's Web' *Contains Spoliers*

After last week's introduction to life five years post-A, episode twelve threw us right back into the action as we found out more about the night of Charlotte's murder, Emily's secrets and even saw Ali hosting a very awkward dinner party.

Lonely in her big house without her sister for company, Ali invited Spencer, Caleb, Emily, Hanna and fiancé Jordan (who was in town to surprise Hanna) over for dinner. It's the first meeting for Hanna's fiancé and ex-boyfriend but things seem to go better than expected, perhaps even pretty smoothly. Meanwhile Ali was clearly suspicious of Aria's recent behaviour, including the fact she decided to skip town earlier than planned, and it looked as though she was sounding out her friends for details. Here we also got a little more information on how Caleb came to find himself living in Spencer's barn. Evidently the pair first ran into each other in Madrid, where Caleb was backpacking (leaving Hanna to focus on her career) and have kept in touch ever since.

Emily on the other hand is still hiding things from her friends and family. This week she bumped into a familiar face, Sabrina (who you may remember as the Brew employee who gave Spencer homemade candy earlier in the season) outside Hollis Medical Center where Emily was getting 'treatments'. For what exactly? That's still a bit of a mystery. When Pam saw a text from the Medical Center pop up on Emily's phone she was quick to jump to conclusions but Emily covered her tracks stating that it was about an interview for grad school. Although Pam seemed pleased, telling Emily her father would be proud, it was clear to see Emily felt guilty about the lie. Later, we see Emily visit her father's grave explaining that she flunked out of two classes causing her to lose her scholarship and following this she dropped out of college. She decided to keep this a secret as she couldn't bring herself to break the news to her grieving mother, who definitely didn't need anymore things to worry about. In a slightly strange twist it turns out Emily isn't alone in the graveyard, hearing the snap of a twig and turning around to see the ever-creepy Sara lurking in the shadows.

Back in Boston with Aria, we were introduced to her new boyfriend Liam and boss Jillian who is very unhappy about the unknown state of Ezra's second novel. Trying to make things right, Aria headed back to Rosewood once again to speak to Ezra about the messy situation and attempt to bring home the book promised to her boss. Although Ezra handed over a USB containing all the work he's done on book two so far, Aria later opened the files to find dozens of articles about Nicole and the others who were killed or went missing in Colombia.

"Last night you asked me if I thought my friends had anything to do with Charlotte's murder." 

"Do you want to change your answer?" 

"Yes." - Ali & Lorenzo

This episode threw up several potential suspects who may have been involved in Charlotte's murder, however I'm sure none of these names are the answer we're looking for. First up was Aria who raised suspicions when she ran off back to her job a day earlier than planned. It also transpires that Hanna saw her friend sneak out of the hotel room on the night of the crime, around the same time that Charlotte was attacked. Where did Aria go you ask? Off to meet Ezra of course! After the pair left the hotel and were out of sight of the security cameras Aria confessed that she only told the truth at the hearing because she believed that if just one of them did Charlotte would have no chance of release. Of course, Aria's statement won't help her case if she is accused of the crime - as far as the police know she is the only one who didn't want to see Charlotte released. The other Liars discovered security footage showing Aria leaving the hotel around the time of Charlotte's murder and decided to confront her about it. Although she explains that she was with Ezra, Aria asks Hanna to delete the footage in the interest of proving her innocence. At first Hanna is completely against the idea but ultimately caves and sneakily deletes the evidence.

Walking about in Rosewood in the middle of the night, you'd think Aria and Ezra would be the only ones around however the pair aren't alone and spot Charlotte in the distance. Ezra is clearly angry about her release, upset that someone who has done what she has gets to walk free when someone like Nicole could just disappear. The final part of that evening that we get to see was Ezra waving Aria off as she took a cab back to her friends at the hotel. As for what he did next, he claims he headed home but knowing he won't look her in the eye if he's lying we see Aria become concerned that he may have done something awful, but for now at least we're still being kept in the dark.

The final suspect under the spotlight this week was Spencer, who became convinced that the murder was her fault and that if Ezra were the culprit she was the one who put the idea in his head. It turns out that for a criminology class Spencer wrote a paper on a case where a woman was murdered, with several details mirroring the facts presented in Charlotte's case. Not only that but she revealed she had shared that very paper with Ezra when he was supposedly toying with the idea of penning a murder mystery novel. Showing the paper to her mother, Spencer was upset, thinking that it could potentially ruin Mrs Hastings' campaign for state senate. Whilst both her mother and Caleb reassured her it was just a coincidence which wouldn't damage the campaign, Spencer couldn't seem to shake the feeling it meant more. Whether she's on to something or just paranoid after everything that she went through back in high school remains to be seen. Oh, and speaking of the campaign, Mrs H also asked Caleb to stick around and help out with it!

Out of the running suspect-wise was Sara Harvey who was declared incapable of committing such a crime due to what happened to her five years earlier. This mystery is starting to unravel as we learnt that she has severe burns on her hands, explaining the gloves she has been wearing. Supposedly though she doesn't recall how she got the injuries - something the Liars obviously know the answer to.

The final scene of the episode was shot from the perspective of a mysterious figure, presumably the same one that was watching the Liars outside the church last week. The unknown character placed flowers on Charlotte's grave and got into a car. As he opened the door, the driver said 'I'm sorry for your loss Sir', confirming that this person could indeed be the one they were all so afraid of in the flash forward sequence from 6A.

What did you think of 'Charlotte's Web'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my previous PLL episode recaps
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