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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E11 'Of Late I Think Of Rosewood' *Contains Spoilers*

Aaaaand we're back! This week saw the return of Pretty Little Liars with the second part of season six now underway. Due to the time jump the first episode of 6B, titled 'Of Late I Think Of Rosewood', focused mainly on catching us all up as to what the Liars (and everyone else) have been up to over the last five years, as well as introducing a new mystery; who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

Having been visiting with her sister regularly since the big A reveal and trying to get her back on track with the help of new character Dr Rollins, Ali believes it's time for Charlotte to come home and for the pair to rebuild their family. When a date for the hearing is finally set Ali writes to the Liars, asking them to come back to Rosewood and help with Charlotte's release from the hospital. There's no word on where Mr D is hiding but we are told that Jason doesn't exactly agree with Ali's plans.

"Five A-free years. You have to admit, that felt good." - Hanna 
Elsewhere we get to see what the rest of the group have been up to since graduation. Now working in the publishing industry, interestingly enough for the company representing Ezra's debut, Aria seems to have her life together, until the hearing that is... but more on that later! We learn that Aria is doing pretty well for herself work-wise and has a new Byron-approved boyfriend named Liam. Ezra, on the other hand is not doing so great. Although he is still the owner of The Brew, Ezra's trip to help build houses in South America came to an abrupt end when members of the group, including Nicole, were captured by revolutionaries, leading him back to Rosewood.

Things don't look so great for Emily either as we learn that she lost her father and had a hard time with college after the tragedy. When Spencer shows an interest in taking a tour of the Salk Institute, Emily is quick to tell her that's it's not possible right now, and later in the episode we see a stash of pills fall out of her bag - it's clear Emily's hiding a secret or two from her high school BFFs.

Speaking of Spencer, it appears she's been working in politics over in Washington, and is single after splitting from Toby. Whilst we didn't hear too much about what Mona has been up to these past five years we did see her talking to Spencer about how they're both in the business of 'selling policy', and learnt that she has been through therapy, still experiencing nightmares after the trauma of Charlotte's doll house. 

From what we've seen so far Hanna seems to be happy with her new New York lifestyle working in the fashion industry. It also turns out she's engaged to someone who unfortunately, isn't Caleb. Things seem to be better than ever for Mrs Marin too as she successfully running the hotel that used to be Radley - all ghosts evicted of course. Speaking of the parents, we also discovered that Spencer's mother has gotten herself into politics too, and inspired by her daughter's chosen career path is running a campaign for State Senate - it's a good thing the mum's got out of that basement in the end!

We also got to catch up with Caleb and Toby, or as the latter refers to them "The Brotherhood Of Ex Boyfriends". Although no longer with high school girlfriends Hanna and Spencer, the pair have kept in touch and apparently even went on a fishing trip together. As Toby catches up with Emily we hear about how he managed to complete his degree around his day job but unfortunately it didn't earn him the promotion he was after, which presumably went to Lorenzo who surprisingly is still in town. Spencer also suspects that Toby may have a new lady in his life when she finds out that he has been building a house (you know, just casually in his spare time outside of being a cop and studying for his degree...). It turns out that Caleb is staying in Spencer's barn whilst he's in town, and to Hanna's surprise he's been in contact with her too; are the pair hiding something?

"Charlotte is getting the help she never had when she was little. Five years of treatment, undoing all the damage." - Ali

After Ali called them all back to Rosewood, asking for just five minutes of their time before the hearing the girls decided to lie for their friend one last time... well, all except Aria. Spencer, Emily, Hanna and even Mona spoke of how they agreed with Ali, believing that Charlotte should have a chance and claiming they are no longer afraid of her. When the time came for Aria to deliver her little white lie just as her friends had, she choked, instead stating that she would not feel safe were Charlotte to be released. Her words may have hurt Ali, but Aria (previously named the best liar of the bunch) gets ten points here for being the only one to tell the truth!

Sadly for Ali she is unknowingly about to be alone once again as although the hearing was a success, the morning after Charlotte's release her big sister disappears. Charlotte's body is later found and it looks as though she took her own life, leaving Ali heartbroken over getting her sister back only to lose her again so quickly and this time, permanently.

Over at Charlotte's funeral we ran into another familiar face; Sara Harvey. Despite being unable to testify at the hearing due to 'how her criminal charges were resolved' the face behind the famous red coat was back in town, dressed in her old 'Black Widow' attire, there according to Emily just to check that her old pal is really dead. What do you think happened to Sara that night five years ago? Whatever it may be the girls are certainly worried about her spilling the details.

Predictably, because this is PLL we're talking about, post-funeral Lorenzo revealed to the girls that the autopsy report showed Charlotte's death was no accident, and asked if they'll be sticking around to answer any questions the police may have for them. To me, the death of Charlotte seems to somewhat mirror what Bethany did to Marion back at Radley - could this be a clue?

Question now is, who would do this to Charlotte? And were they waiting for her release to make their move? As the girls walk away from the church we see a blacked-out car window roll up... revealing that someone has been watching them. Just who was in that car is a bit of a mystery, could it be the person responsible for Charlotte's death, the 'he' everyone was so scared of back in the 6A finale's flash-forward, a figure genuinely watching out for the girls (unthinkable, I know!), or someone else entirely?

Only one episode in it's pretty early to be jumping on any theory bandwagons, although I'm sure there will be fans who have already started picking up on hidden clues! Personally I'm looking forward to finding out more about the Liars' new lives, what unspeakable thing they did to Sara Harvey, and just who was in that car outside the church.

What did you think of 'Of Late I Think Of Rosewood'? If you have any thoughts or theories please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! You can also click here to catch up on my episode recaps from the first half of season six!
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