Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Year In Books

star jar 2015

Having decided against taking part in the annual Goodreads challenge this year and with no set goal in mind when it came to total number of books I've been happily making my way through as many titles as I could find the time for, keeping track of them using my star jar. This week finally saw the time for me to count up all of the stars and find out just how many books I read over the last twelve months, and the jar revealed that I have read a grand total of sixty-four!

I finished series such as the Unwind Dystology (Neal Shusterman) and the Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer) and discovered new authors like Morgan Matson and Abigail Haas, whose future works I'm already looking forward to. Thanks to picking up a few more graphic novels I also got to see some of my favourite TV/film characters such as Edward Scissorhands and the Saved By The Bell gang in a new format.

I also managed to find some new favourites, giving out five star ratings to three titles; Dangerous Girls (Abigail Haas, 2013), The Bookshop Book (Jen Campbell, 2015) and Armada (Ernest Cline, 2015). Of course, these three all made their way onto my top five of 2015 but if you'd like to see which other two books made the list you can head on over to Blogger's Bookshelf and take a peek at our latest group collaboration.

In addition I completed my small reading goal for the year (albeit just a few days ago, when I finished my second read of The Lying Game) meaning that five of the sixty-four titles were re-reads, all of which I really enjoyed revisiting. Five re-reads is five more than I'd manged to find time for over the last couple of years so I'm pretty pleased with the result.

What were your favourite reads of the year?
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