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Top 10 Halloween DIYs

Halloween is just around the corner and in all honesty I'm disappointed that I've not had huge amounts of time (or sadly, inspiration) to put together any DIY tutorials for you this year, despite it always being my favourite time to craft for. Behind the scenes I have been working away on a Halloween-themed quilt although sadly it's unlikely to be finished by the end of the month. Since I haven't been able to create any new tutorials, instead I thought it might be fun to re-share some of my favourite projects from years past...

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1. Decorated Pumpkins - where better to kick off than with pumpkin decorating? Last year myself and Skye decided to set a pumpkin challenge over on our shared blog Eight & Sixteen. i really loved the end result of my project and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to top them this year!

2. Cobweb Coasters - my most recent Halloween project (a themed quilt) was actually inspired by these cobweb coasters I made last year. As it turns out it's a lot more difficult to stitch big cobwebs onto a quilt than a tiny coaster (I definitely didn't think that one through, but that's a story for another time!), but this is a great beginner project to try if you're interested in quilting.

3. Spooky Ghosts - back in 2012, long before we started Eight & Sixteen, myself and Skye decided to set each other Halloween-themed DIY challenges and share them on our own blogs. These little ghosts were the result of my first challenge in the series and I loved how they turned out. In fact, I actually still have one of these little guys. He lives in my garage window, looking out across to the bunnies' house mansion!

4. Pumpkin Lantern - simple yet effective this lantern DIY is a great upcycle project which doesn't require many supplies and that's what makes it one of my favourites. This one is actually another project I still have out on display - this little lantern lives happily on my windowsill all year round!

5. Upcycled Candy Corn Earrings - another upcycling idea from last year are these super cute candy corn earrings made from paperclips! The idea was inspired by Pinterest where I had seen other paperclip earring projects. The triangle shape just screamed candy corn to me and I decided to create my own Halloween-themed version.

6. Wands - although not strictly a Halloween project I really enjoyed making these Harry Potter inspired wands. Whether you use them as the finishing touch to a magic-inspired costume, as table decorations or little favours for your party guests, they're sure to go down well with fans and are a lot of fun to make!

7. Candy Corn Bunting Necklace - when it comes to jewellery projects this one is definitely one of my favourites, and having created it a whole nine months prior to Halloween I was excited to finally be able to share the tutorial. If you played with hama/perler beads as a child you'll love this new way to use them!

8. Felt Bat Bow - this super simple bat-inspired bow can easily be turned into several different accessories that are all perfect for Halloween. My favourite way to wear it was as a bow tie but it would work well for decorations such as a bunting garland as well!

9. Wire Skulls - over on Eight & Sixteen I had a lot of fun trying out projects I stumbled across on Pinterest and this is one of the most fun. All you need for these is some wire and pliers so if you make jewellery you'll like this one as you'll already have the supplies! Also, there's definitely a theme here but this is another project that I still have on display now.

10. Shrunken Heads - if I were hosting a Halloween party this year I'd definitely be making another batch of these awesome shrunken apple heads! They're so much fun to make and you can be super creative with the face designs. They look amazing served up as a surprise in the top of a mug or glass and are sure to impress your guests!

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