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Podcast Starter Guide: The Black Tapes Podcast

the black tapes podcast
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As mentioned in my last post I'm very excited that we're now finally into October, meaning Halloween is almost here. With that in mind I can't think of a better time to share the love for another of my favourite things to listen to; The Black Tapes Podcast.

The podcast is a gripping scripted docudrama with a perfectly creepy twist. When journalist Alex Reagan sets out to make a show about people with interesting jobs she finds herself drawn into the world of the paranormal.

"The Black Tapes Podcast is an exploration of life, belief, faith and occasionally the paranormal. This season we're focusing our lens on the work of the Strand Institute and it's enigmatic founder and president Dr Richard Strand." - Alex Reagan

In the first episode Alex meets a group of ghost hunters and ends up heading to a site where a hospital used to stand in order to watch as they attempt to make contact with a spirit. With every ghost hunter she speaks to Alex begins to hear more and more about a mysterious man named Dr Richard Strand, a paranormal investigator... who doesn't believe in ghosts.

After managing to arrange a meeting with Strand she discovers a bunch of VHS cases in his office, each corresponding to solved or 'debunked' cases. Alongside these are a small selection of 'black tapes' which stand out from the others and Alex learns that these contain cases Strand has not yet been able to solve. From then on the podcast follows Alex as she explores these unsolved cases and discovers more about the mysterious man that is Dr Strand.

If you're not into the idea of watching horror movies this Halloween season, why not sit back with your headphones and check out The Black Tapes Podcast instead?
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