Saturday, 10 October 2015

#beadhaul Bonus Project #1 - Wrapped Shell Earrings

As promised a couple of weeks back, today I'm sharing an additional tutorial to accompany the very first #beadhaul box! These bold turquoise shell beads, which I used in one of my necklace tutorials for the Crafty Creatives website, were one of my favourite items from the September selection so I've decided to use them again for box one's bonus project.

To make your own pair of earrings you will need: 2 x square shell beads (you can find the ones I used in the Crafty Creatives online shop), jewellery wire, round nose pliers, flat/chain nose pliers, wire cutters

beadhaul bonus tutorial earrings

1. First cut length of wire around three times the height of your bead. Use pliers to create loop at one end of the wire

2. Place the length of wire flat against one side of the bead and wrap it around (as shown above). Make sure to hold the wire down as flat to the surface as possible and when wrapping make sure to keep it tight

beadhaul bonus tutorial earrings

3. Wrap the wire around the bead again so looks like photo above with one piece of the wire on each side of your loop

4. To hold the design in place and create a neat finish wrap some of the excess wire around base of the loop and use wire cutters to trim off any excess
 beadhaul bonus tutorial earrings

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your second bead

6. The final step is to add on earring wires which can be purchased pre-made or created from your basic wire. If you want to have a go at making your own try using my 'Jewellery 101' guide (remember, if using wire you'll need to create the loop for hanging) - making sure to file down any sharp edges on the wire before wearing!

If you're interested in finding out more about the #beadhaul box and how to get your hands on the next box hop on over to the Crafty Creatives website for information!
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