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Podcast Starter Guide: Criminal

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Whether you've been thinking about downloading this amazing crime-based podcast for a while or are hearing about it for the first time today, I thought it might be interesting to share a list of the episodes that have stood out to me as some of the most memorable stories. At the time of writing this post there have been just twenty-five episodes released (and I'd recommend listening to them all!) but, in no particular order, here are my top picks to get you started...

1. Animal Instincts (originally aired 31.01.14)
The first episode of the intriguing crime podcast takes a closer look at a case from 2001 where a woman was found dead and her husband convicted of the murder. The twist here comes in the form of a neighbour's unusual theory, exploring the possibility that her death was in fact caused by an owl.

2. Final Exit (originally aired 13.03.15)
In this unscripted interview episode host Phoebe Judge talks to 'exit guide' Fran, a woman in her seventies who sits with people as they end their lives. Fran explains the process, why she became a part of the Final Exit Network and shares some of her personal experiences.

3. Poster Boy (originally aired 20.02.15)
Back in the 1800s a couple were brutally murdered, leaving behind a baby and an eleven year old boy. There were no clues, until the young boy surprised everyone when he confessed to the crime and was sentenced to life imprisonment. This episode explores his story and what may have led him to commit the crime.

4. That Crime Of The Month (originally aired 29.08.14)
This very short episode explores the use of PMS as a legal defence, using examples and sharing opinions from lawyers, scientists and the general public.

5. Ex Libris (originally aired 26.06.15)
As someone who loves to read I was fascinated by this tale of disappearing rare books. One of the most interesting aspects of this episode was the motive of the thief behind the scam where he bought many rare books over the phone.

6. Call Your Mom (originally aired 28.03.14)
This episode is all about a family who work in the 'business of death'. Twenty-five year old Kathleen is one of only three female coroners in the entire state and grew up with her parents, both investigators, and their law-enforcement friends talking about their cases.

7. Break The Internet (originally aired 25.11.14)
Known at the time as 'Mafia Boy', this episode looks at the story of a young hacker in the late 90's. The Canadian teenager became involved with a group of Russian hackers, and even took down some of the world's most famous websites.

8. Triassic Park (originally aired 17.07.15)
In this recent episode we learn about Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park, where visitors have been stealing petrified wood (a type of irreplaceable rock) for many years. Interestingly, many packages containing pieces of the wood have been sent back to the park, along with letters claiming it had caused the visitor bad luck.

9. Gil From London (originally aired 15.05.15)
If you find Catfish interesting, this one is for you. The episode looks at online romance scams by talking to sixty-something Karen who met a man named Gil on Facebook.

Have you been listening to Criminal? Which epsiodes are your favourites?
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