Wednesday, 30 September 2015

#paperhaul:featured - Eilidh Bruce

paperhaul featured september 2015
paperhaul featured september 1
Disclaimer: I purchased this box using the #paperhaul blogger discount - all opinions are my own.

This month saw the first #paperhaul:featured box, sharing the creative talent of illustrator Eilidh Bruce. Whilst I've often spoken in the past about how much I love the variety of items found in each month's box, I was also really excited about the idea of a featured artist and a whole box showcasing their work.
The bumper edition September box is filled with all things cats, but not just any cats. Illustrator Eilidh has combined her favourite animal with fruits and pretty pastel tones to create unique watercolour designs perfect for the #paperhaul audience. Now I have to be completely honest here and admit that I'm not a cat person (on that note, can a future box be bunny themed please?) but despite this I think the designs are really cute, especially the little pineapple cat (pictured below) and love the textured look the watercolours have.

The box contains some of the usual selection of items including postcards, stickers and washi tape, as well as a set of mini badges as first seen in the Under The Sea box a couple of months back. Also included in the box this month was something completely new; a notebook! I think this would have to be my favourite item from the box, the print is very cute and as any blogger will tell you, you can never have enough notebooks!

Including a short Q&A with Eilidh was also a lovely touch. It's always nice to get to know the person behind the designs and find out a little bit more about what inspires them. I'm really impressed with the first edition of the #paperhaul:featured box and am looking forward to discovering more talented artist's work and inspirations through future boxes.

If you're interested in treating yourself to the next #paperhaul box you can sign up at Crafty Creatives for just £10 a month.

Don't forget to catch up on my review of last month's box where the theme was Paris!

paperhaul featured september 3

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