Sunday, 6 September 2015

August Reads & Reviews

I should probably kick off this month's roundup by addressing the fact that I completely failed to stick to my August TBR list. Not only that but I also failed miserably on the note-taking front so although there are quite a few books to talk about it looks as though I'll be keeping the recaps/mini reviews brief this time!

Of course at the beginning of the month I was keen to try and stick to my TBR so let's begin with the two books I actually did manage to cross off the list. Firstly I picked up When I Was Me (Hilary Freeman, 2015) which was one several purchases I made from the Hot Key Books stand at YALC back in July. Whilst I loved concept behind the book, which included the fascinating theory of parallel universes, I unfortunately didn't get on so well with the characters.

The second read from my August TBR which I did manage to make time for was Dangerous Boys (Abigail Haas, 2014). Ever since reading Dangerous Girls back in May this one had bumped up to the top of my TBR list and I wasn't disappointed! Whilst I have to admit I didn't love this one as much as Dangerous Girls, I did really enjoy the mysterious story and would recommend it if you're looking for a darker YA novel.

Sticking with the 'dark and twisty' theme I also read another couple of YALC purchases; Birdy by Jess Vallance (2015) and Monsters by Emerald Fennell (2015). Both unique tales with a whole lot of mystery, I enjoyed these novels and would recommend picking them up, particularly Birdy!

Another book that unexpectedly made it's way onto my reading list this month was Lorali (Laura Dockrill, 2015), the tale of a mermaid. Honestly, based on the description/genre this isn't something I would normally pick out, however having seen so many amazing reviews I couldn't help but become intrigued. The chapters alternate between different perspectives and one of the most interesting and unique aspects of the novel was the fact that one of these was The Sea. I would recommend picking this one up if you're looking for something a little different!

I also snuck in two graphic novels; Edward Scissorhands Vol 2: Whole Again (Kate Leth, 2015) and The Scorch Trials: The Official Graphic Novel Prelude (Jackson Lanzing, 2015). With The Scorch Trials film adaptation landing in cinemas very soon (who else is super excited for this?) I decided to pick up a copy of this newly released selection of companion stories. There were a couple of really interesting tales which stood out to me more than the others, including the final section on the formation of Wicked. If you're a big fan of the series you'll enjoy this graphic novel addition to The Maze Runner family.

A full review of the second Edward Scissorhands adaptation will be posted over on BB in October but you can catch my thoughts on the first instalment right here on e-elise etc.

I'm currently making my way through new release The Dead House (Dawn Kurtagich) as well as illustrated novel Warren The 13th And The All-Seeing Eye* (Tania del Rio) which is due out in November.

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