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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E9 'Last Dance' *Contains Spoilers*

It's PLL time once again, and this week I'm taking a closer look at the penultimate episode of the summer season 'Last Dance'. You know the drill... spoilers are after the jump!

'Barn Prom'

This week’s episode began with Rosewood’s mums chatting to their daughters about prom, or rather a faux prom. As we know from last week’s episode the girls had been banned from attending their high school senior prom because of the risk factor for the other students (as it turned out they have also been banned from graduation). In an attempt to make the best of the situation, and the dresses the girls had put a lot of thought into picking out, Mrs H offered up the family’s barn for Spencer and co. to celebrate together.

The four girls, quite unenthusiastically, agreed to this faux prom with Ezra and Toby also set to attend (Caleb was out of town in NY, and Sara meant to be at her own high school’s prom, although both did eventually show up along with Lorenzo). Ali on the other hand has a plan of her own. She too is supposed to be headed to the so-called ‘barn prom’ but instead goes alone to the real prom (appropriately dressed in a familiar shade of yellow) in the hopes of meeting up with her mystery older brother Charles. As the girls all sit around at the barn, holding onto their phones, looking through photos of the real prom shared by their classmates, they see Ali in the background and realise she has gone to find Charles. Not wanting to let their friend get into trouble the group head to Rosewood High to track her down. When they arrived they also found someone else they didn’t expect to see…. Clark.

The Real Clark

This week’s episode also came with a huge revelation about new addition Clark who has been a bit of a suspicious figure up until this point. In Last Dance we found him unexpectedly in attendance at the Rosewood High prom as a photographer. Here we discovered his true identity; an undercover cop. My biggest question now is does Clark know more than he’s letting on? He’s been following Aria this whole time, not showing much interest in the other girls and as we all know Aria has been the top target of A’s recent threats, including a certain doll with a needle through the eye.

Ali Meets A

“Better be at prom. It's our last chance to dance. Come alone. xo Charles” 

In the final moments of the episode we finally saw someone come face to face with whoever is hiding behind that black hoodie. After following his texts, and a red hooded figure, Alison was ‘kidnapped’ by A. And when she saw the face we all want to see? Interestingly her reaction was a simple “Oh my God”, not a "Charles?" suggesting she knows the person – who do you think she came face to face with?

Parents In Trouble

Aside from prom the mothers of Rosewood experienced their own little slice of drama this week. I for one was pleased to find parents actually in town this week considering how absent they usually are, despite what their daughters have been and are still going through. Whilst the girls and their dates were supposedly having a faux prom in the Hastings’ barn, the mums (who were in the main house) decided to crack open a bottle of wine. When one glass became several Veronica spilled a secret or two and revealed to the others that, as we know, Jason is not Kenneth’s biological son. They also discussed who this mysterious Charles could be and what part he may or may not have played in Jessica’s death, leading them to suspect that Kenneth could have been the one responsible for burying his wife in the Hastings’ back yard.

Fuelled by alcohol Veronica headed over to the DiLaurentis’ house to confront him, followed close behind by Ella, Ashley and Pam. They didn’t manage to find Mr D but they did come across a police evidence envelope containing a photo of Mrs D with her sons. Although there was no sign of Kenneth to be found, the house wasn’t empty; that’s right, the mums met Rhys Matthews! They learned of his connection to the family (via the Carissimi Group) and like mother like daughter they quickly concluded that he could be Charles.

 “How did they get through it? Our girls. They went through this and much worse." - Ashley

And here comes the twist… after hearing a strange noise the ladies decided to investigate only to be locked in the DiLaurentis' basement by... well, we don’t know who. Of course none of them thought to bring along a phone... it's easy to see our favourite Liars in their parents!

Looking Ahead

It looks as though Aria is off to LA post-graduation as this week we found out that after seeing her actual competition entry (as opposed to A’s fakes) the judges chose her as the winner of the photography internship. Having discovered a notification on Ezra’s phone regarding a plane ticket to LA, Aria believes her ex is going to follow her on this new adventure. As it turns out he’s just stopping off there on his way to Thailand after signing up to work with Habitat.

In other news, things are looking up for Haleb fans. At the beginning of the episode we saw Hanna feeling suspicious of Caleb’s apparent trip to New York to meet up with his dad, suspecting that instead he was out to hunt down A on his own. When later on he showed up at the prom he explained why he was really in the Big Apple; he had a job interview. His top secret new role as an 'information risk analyst' (all we know is its something to do with his hacking skills) is set to make him enough money to move to NY, taking Hanna with him (and paying for her college tuition). This pair definitely need a break from Rosewood and it sounds as though this could be the answer.

I’ll see you next week after the #facetoface reveal!

What did you think of 'Last Dance'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! Don't forget if you haven't seen it yet you can catch my previous roundup for the episode titled ‘FrAmed' by clicking here.
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