Monday, 3 August 2015

Gluten Free Goodies! - Allergy & Free From Show Haul

This time last month I headed off to London to attend the Allergy & Free From Show for the very first time. The event was held at Kensington's Olympia and the venue was packed with stalls selling everything from free from food/drinks to cookbooks, allergy-friendly clothing, cosmetics and skin care. Today I thought I'd share a haul post showcasing some of the many free from edibles I picked up on the day!

Crio Bru Cavalla French Roast - a coffee alternative made from cocoa beans.
I used to be a big coffee fan (think lots of mochas and iced coffees!) however a few years back I cut out caffeine completely for quite some time when trying to find out why I was getting stomach pains. Ever since then I've not been able to drink coffee without getting a headache and feeling shaky so stumbling across this alternative definitely made my day! Over the last few weeks I've also been introducing decaf coffee into my routine, switching between that and this cocoa bean substitute has been great for a little variety!
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten, dairy and soya. Also suitable for Vegans and low in caffiene. 
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Tolerant Foods Legume Pasta - 'pasta' shapes made from lentils and beans.
Ask anyone that knows me and they'll be able to tell you that I love pasta. Since cutting out gluten due to an intolerance I have of course switched to pasta alternatives usually made from rice/corn. Whilst there are some delicious ones out there (looking at you, Doves Farm Brown Rice Penne) I was intrigued by this new alternative; single-ingredient pasta style shapes made from lentils and beans. The Red Lentil Rotini (pictured above) is delicious and I can't wait to try out the Green Lentil Macaroni!
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten. Also Non-GMO, suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
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Koko Dairy Free Spread - a dairy-free alternative to butter, made using various vegetable oils including coconut.
As a huge fan of Koko's coconut milk (which I use on a daily basis and love because it doesn't taste like coconuts) I was pleasantly surprised to see this new product at their stall. Whilst I really like the taste I found it didn't go so well with Marmite as my usual spread but I'm looking forward to trying baking with this one as I think it will be perfect for sweet treats!
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten and dairy. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
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Wellaby's Pitta & Lentil Chips - a wholesome baked alternative to crisps.
One of my big complaints with going gluten free has been the lack of tasty savoury snacks. Lots of places now sell things like gluten free cakes and brownies, which is lovely, but when I'm out and about I often struggle to find things to satisfy my savoury cravings. I'm a big fan of Eat Real's range of 'chips' (made from lentils, chickpeas and quinoa) so when I saw these I thought they may be similar. As it turns out these are a totally different texture (think crunchy crackers) but do come in a much more manageable sized packet that can easily be popped into your bag for a snack on the go.
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten, wheat and nuts. Also GMO & MSG free.
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Bakels Multiseed Bread Mix - a bread mix that can be used to make a regular loaf or a sweet treat.
This was actually one of the freebies I received on the day and I love the fact that it can be used to bake bread (anyone who eats gluten free will know how tricky it is to find good bread) but can also be mixed with alternative ingredients to make a batch of cookies! In addition to the bread mix I also picked up a recipe card for the cookies as I sampled one on the day and it was pretty delicious!
Allergy Advice: Gluten/allergen free. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
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Lovemore O'Choco Biscuits - gluten free 'black and white cookies', a great Oreo alternative.
I love and miss Oreos so these cookies are an amazing alternative. I can't wait to use these to make a gluten free 'Oreo' cheesecake and of course some brownies! Lovemore have a whole range of gluten free biscuits including digestives, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread and shortbread. I haven't tried any of these so I can't vouch for how tasty they are but I can tell you the O'Choco Biscuits are delicious.
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten, wheat and milk.
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Stur Liquid Water Enhancers - all natural flavoured water enhancers.
Another drink I adore is iced tea, specifically peach flavour. These little containers of concentrated flavour that can be added to a glass or bottle of water are nothing new with brands such as Robinsons and Oasis selling squash versions in all of the big supermarkets however I'd never come across any iced tea ones before. After sampling all of the flavours I also opted for a bottle of the cranberry & pomegranate (which does not contain tea). I can see these being great to pop on your desk at work!
Allergy Advice: Free from gluten, dairy, nuts and sugar. Non-tea flavours are also caffeine free. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
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Have you tried any of these products? If you'd like to hear more about any of them (reviews/recipe ideas etc) leave a comment and let me know!
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