Monday, 10 August 2015

Essex Walks (Revisited) - Steeples In The Summer

essex walks steeples in summer

Although I have been out on a few walking adventures I haven't shared any Essex Walks posts for a little while... not since I last visited Steeples back in January! At the time I wrote about how much I enjoyed this particular route and how I would love to revisit once the weather had improved. Last weekend I did just that!

The atmosphere was very different on a bright summer day, although excluding the area right by the holiday park, there still wasn't many people to be seen. Whilst I loved how my previous photographs turned out due to the colours cast by the foggy sky, on this visit I was able to clearly see Osea Island across the water as more than just a blur in the distance. This time round the flowers were also in full bloom, lining the path along the sea wall with colour.

On my second visit to Steeples I got a chance to stop and sit by the water for a while, watching the boats and wildlife - definitely an improvement on walking through the mud, bundled up and shivering. It's easy to forget just how cold it was back at the beginning of the year!

You can find out more about this walk including a map and directions on the Essex Walks website.

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essex walks steeples in summer
essex walks steeples in summer
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