Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Watching, Reading, Listening #3

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Since my last WRL post I've been re-watching lots of shows (including Melissa & Joey as I type this!) but I also discovered a new one which I wanted to talk about here; Switched At Birth. The ABC Family drama series follows two teens who were, you guessed it, switched at birth. The girls have grown up in very different environments and when one of them discovers she isn't biologically related to her parents the two families meet and have a whole lot to figure out. In all honesty I wasn't sure what I was going to make of the show having not heard a lot about it but as it turned out I really enjoyed it! As far as I know the show hasn't ever aired on TV in the UK and I really love the fact that the introduction of subscription services (such as Netflix and NowTV - where I watched this box set) are allowing us to watch series that can't be found elsewhere. I just hope they'll have the next season available in future too!


After my Netgalley request was approved earlier this week I'm currently reading Ernest Cline's new novel Armada (due for release on July 16th). As a huge fan of his geeky debut Ready Player One I've been looking forward to reading the new release which follows teenager Zack, whose gaming skills are set to become unexpectedly useful when the Earth needs saving from an alien invasion. I'll be reviewing the book over on Blogger's Bookshelf late this month so keep an eye out over there if you want to know more!


Like many people I really enjoyed listening to the gripping and mysterious first season of Serial. After I'd finished all the episodes there was a Serial-shaped gap in my podcast selection and when I went in search of similar shows I stumbled across Criminal, which put simply is a podcast all about crime. To date there have been just over twenty episodes including some truly fascinating stories covering all sorts of crimes and I'd definitely recommend it to any fans of Serial. I'm also thinking of putting together a list of the most memorable Criminal episodes so if you'd be interested in reading that leave a comment and let me know!

What have you been watching, reading & listening to lately?
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