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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E8 'FrAmed' *Contains Spoilers*

It's time for another PLL recap for this week's episode simply titled 'FrAmed'. As always spoilers are after the jump!

Rhys Matthews?

I think it would be wrong to kick off this week's recap by talking about anything other than Rhys Matthews. When Spencer and Hanna decided to visit the Carissimi Group in search of clues about the company and it's links to the DiLaurentis family, Charles in particular, they met Rhys. Their first thought? He looks exactly like a DiLaurentis. When the pair share a sneaky photo Hanna snapped on her phone with Emily she says 'Why do you have a photo of Jason on your phone?', reiterating the fact that this newcomer does look like he could be related to Ali's family.

"How else did he have Ali's perfect chin and Jason's perfect hair? What if this whole Carissimi Group setup is just one big elaborate black hoodie?" - Hanna

Now this could be a complete coincidence, another red herring to throw the girls (and us) off course. But what if it isn't? It seems as though the one clue that is confusing everyone is the fact that we've been told that we have seen A 'unmasked' before and Rhys is a new face on the show. However I'm not sure how much attention we really should be playing to this clue, Rhys' face could have appeared in photographs, he could have been hiding out in the background of a scene or A's unmasked face we've already seen could have been referring to the home videos where we saw Charles as a child. Then again, Rhys may just happen to resemble a DiLaurentis and A may be a face we know very well.

The Art Show

After last week's run in with half of Rosewood, A is once again fighting back, this time sabotaging Aria's photography exhibition by replacing her creepy doll pictures with his own. When the lights go up and the images are revealed the audience see four photos one of each Liar trapped in the dollhouse lying unconscious on their morgue tables. Not only did A do this to them, but he wants everyone to see it.

Interestingly the new exhibit came with a message, this time not for one of the girls but for Tanner. According to her translation Charles wants her to know that although she may have rescued the girls from his dollhouse they still belong to him. Near the end of the episode we saw Tanner trawling through the surveillance footage from the gallery, spotting a short-haired figure swapping the photographs. Whilst it does look like this mysterious figure is Rhys, it could be someone else... maybe even 'Miss Suspicious' Sara Harvey.

After the drama at the show Spencer, Hanna and Emily leave the building, see Rhys parked in a car right across the street and decide to follow him. They find themselves at an abandoned doll's house factory where they, sensibly, decide to stay back and wait in the car rather than follow him in. Soon after another car pulls up outside the factory and Clark, Aria's new photographer friend, enters the building where the girls presume he is going to meet with Rhys (who at this point they think is A/Charles). The question is this; is Clark working for A? Or maybe just being blackmailed in order for A to get more information about his current favourite target Aria. (Side note: this photo is an interesting Clark theory!).

Ali Goes Rogue

At the beginning of the episode we see a difference of opinion causing a bit of a rift between Hanna and Alison, with the latter finding it difficult to believe her eldest brother is as vicious as everyone thinks. Having seen last week's birthday home video with 'Freddie' Ali is having trouble seeing the 'A' who has been torturing the girls for years within that little boy who was reluctant to leave the party, and his siblings, behind.

"We had birthday cake. That day at the arcade when Jason and I met him. Charles gave me his frosting. How does that turn into vicious?" - Ali

Later on we see Ali steal new boyfriend Lorenzo's ID card and head to the police station in search of clues about Charles and his potential involvement in her mother's death. One of the things she finds is a baby rattle that Tanner believed to belong to Charles (it was found in the dollhouse bunker amongst Charles' keepsakes) until Ali reveals it was actually hers. Ali wants to believe Charles isn't as bad as everyone thinks he is, that he wants to stay connected to his family but Tanner disagrees.

"In my experience murderers can be as sentimental as mothers. Personal items can help focus them on their victims or commemorate what they've done." - Tanner

It turns out the plan, if necessary, is to use 'lethal force' when Charles is found and Alison is not happy about it. Speaking of being unhappy, when Ali heads back to Lorenzo's understandably he's pretty mad at her for betraying him. Could this spell the end for Ali's new romance?

The A Team

This week we saw the first hint of an A team we've had for a while. After countless end scenes showing a black hooded (and gloved) figure preparing to torture the girls, this week we saw a couple of scenes where A/Black Hoodie and Red Coat were working together. First up we saw the pair sitting side by side watching the surveillance footage at the art gallery before the big plan went down and at the end of the episode we saw them with their tickets to the Rosewood High prom, plus a whole lot of syringes.

"The police are not doing enough. We need to do something. But what can we do? We have to protect our girls." - Ella 

In addition to her time spent with Black Hoodie we also saw Red Coat watching through the window as Ashley and Ella discussed their daughters (seriously though, why do the residents of Rosewood never notice people watching through their windows?). In seasons past we've seen Alison, Cece and even Hanna sporting the famous Red Coat but who on earth is wearing it now? All I know is that it's definitely worth noting Red Coat's long blonde curls were no longer poking out from the hood, could they have belonged to Sara?

What did you think of 'FrAmed'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! Don't forget if you haven't seen it yet you can catch my previous roundup for the episode titled 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' by clicking here.
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