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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E6 'No Stone Unturned' *Contains Spoilers*

And we're back! Last Wednesday Pretty Little Liars returned from it's week off which of course means I'm back with another recap. As always spoilers are after the jump!

The Story Of Lesli Stone

The plot thickened when it came to the girls' latest suspect this week. After deciding Lesli could be A they set out to search for clues once again and we saw Hanna use her charm to get a hold of her car. What they find inside was pretty strange... but could also easily be explained away. Hanna and Spencer found a whole box of those thick-rimmed glasses Lesli loves to wear and discovered that they are in fact fake - could they just be a part of her disguise? Not only that but the girls also found wire cutters and large animal cages that Spencer was quick to point out would be big enough to hold humans. We also learnt that Lesli works on a college campus in a lab that houses animals though, suggesting that the cages are just a coincidence, albeit an unsettling one.

Sara, the newcomer to the group, was still looking pretty suspicious this week after a short scene where she had a cut on her head and an arm covered in blood claiming to have been hit by a car. On the surface this seems awful, like A could have targeted her, however when Emily asked if she would be able to identify that car from a photo Sara was instantly sure that Lesli's car (the same one Hanna stole) was the one that knocked her down. Whilst this could be true, and Lesli although not A clearly isn't a big fan of the girls, something just doesn't add up.

Let's Talk About Mona...

This week's episode wasn't the first time this season we've heard that Mona wouldn't be making an appearance to meet up with the girls on the A search (as her mother won't let her out of her sight) only for her to pop up unexpectedly just at the right moment. Firstly we saw her creeping around in the dark at Radley seeking out Lesli's precious patient file (which, side note: she wasn't exactly reluctant to hand over to the girls), and this week we saw her hiding in the dark at the college lab where Lesli works. She claimed to be keeping an eye out for the Liars and making sure they didn't get caught, but why so secretive? Is this just right place, right time? Or is there something more to Mona's mysterious behaviour... like say perhaps she knows about the trackers?

Speaking of Mona, it was certainly nice to hear someone talking some sense for once when it came down to A theories this week. Whilst the sometimes-part-of-the-group-sometimes-not Mona (who definitely knows more than she lets on) only made a brief appearance she managed to set the girls straight on a few things. As we’re well aware at this point these girls just love to jump to conclusions about who is hiding behind the mask of A and don’t often stop and think about whether their theories actually make sense, or if any so-called clues can be explained away.

"If you caught A in a photo it's because A wanted to be caught." - Mona

Not only did Mona instantly debunk the ‘Charles is dead because there’s an organ donation form in his file’ theory by simply stating that it was clearly faked (in short: no one on that many drugs would be able to donate their liver), but she also let the girls in on another secret; whilst Lesli and Bethany were roommates at Radley, it doesn’t mean they were friends. In fact, we saw Mona state outright that Lesli hated Bethany, something the girls hadn’t even considered a possibility when they first heard that the mysterious pair knew each other. Another little snippet we got from Mona was that despite being in Radley at the same time as he was, Lesli didn’t actually know Charles, again something the girls hadn’t stopped to think about. According to ex-A Mona, Lesli confessed to have only heard Charles' name once before, on the night Bethany escaped Radley, leading them all to suspect that the pair left together that night. And just like that the Liars latest theory was debunked; Lesli Stone isn’t A.

"Bitch Chipped Us."

The other big reveal for the girls this week was finally finding out that A fitted them with tracking devices whilst they were in the dollhouse. Early on in the episode Caleb notices a lump on the back of Hanna's neck, but as she's still annoyed with him at this point she brushes it off as nothing. Later, as Spencer, Aria and Hanna explore Lesli's workplace they notice a strange beeping noise (in what was a brilliant comedic moment from Hanna and Spencer) and realise the truth.

Relationships Old & New

Despite the fact that the girls still haven't solved the A mystery and are now another suspect down, I wanted to take a quick look at where their relationships are at since it seemed to be quite a big focus of the episode.

First up, after a bit of a blip a couple of episodes back a little advice from Mrs Marin seemed to set Haleb back on track. As it turns out Hanna was fed up of Caleb treating her like the victim, when we all know she can stand up for herself. All it took to set things right was Caleb standing up to her and treating her like the old Hanna again.

Although newbie Clark is clearly still interested in her, this week it looked as though Aria was missing what she once had with Ezra. He showed up at her house with a recommendation for her entry to the photo competition and accidentally revealed that he possibly still has her self-portrait hanging above his desk... and was that a look of jealousy when she saw him talking to (another newbie) Emily's friend Nicole?

With Toby not around this week (where is he always disappearing off to?) Dean returned and arranged to attend a meeting with Spencer only for her not to show. When she failed to turn up we saw Dean's angry side as he was waiting outside her house worried that something terrible could have happened to her. He went on to explain just why he was so mad, including a confession that he wants to be more than just friends.

"In my life when someone doesn't show up or answer the phone, there is a very real possibility that they're lying in a gutter somewhere." - Dean

Then we have Emily, who (after deciding to go to Thailand and then changing her mind) realised her feelings for Sara, the mysterious girl who's been living under her roof for the past two weeks, were of more than just friendship. This came as no surprise since we've all heard the rumours that Emily will be taking Sara to prom but I'm sure it probably left a few Emison and Pailey shippers feeling sad.

Being On The Outside

Also this week, Sara began her new job working at that web design business we never knew Caleb had. Whilst chatting, Sara had no idea who or what a 'Kimye' was - it seems like this little snippet was included either to solidify the fact that Sara was trapped in the dollhouse all that time just like she claims, or just to show she's a brilliant liar. She also asked about Alison and the two bonded over the fact that they both feel like outsiders looking in on the girls tight-knit group, which we all know is clouded in secrets and a web of lies.

"What do you know about Alison DiLaurentis? I wouldn't ask but when you're forced to answer to someone else's name and wear their clothes you become curious about her." - Sara

Aria Gets A Doll... And Mr D Gets Mail

We were previously treated to an end scene which showed A working on a small Aria wig complete with those famous pink streaks from the night Alison disappeared, and tonight we saw the final product. When she returned to the junk yard from the previous episode in search of clues Aria found one incredibly creepy doll, wearing that wig and with a needle poked straight through it's eye. It seems that Aria has been a particular target of A's messages recently - is something awful about to happen to her?

Looking forward it appears as though Charles is planning to make his big return to Rosewood as this week we also saw Mr D receive a card with a haunting message inside...

"Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles"

Near the end of the episode we find Mr D in his car on the phone evidently calling all of the doctors he can think of to try and find out the truth about his son. It looks like Mr D could be in trouble too!

What did you think of 'No Stone Unturned'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! Don't forget if you haven't seen it yet you can catch my previous roundup for the episode titled 'She's No Angel' by clicking here.
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