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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E5 'She's No Angel' *Contains Spoilers*

It's recap time again! This week's episode, titled She's No Angel, marked the halfway point for the so-called #SummerOfAnswers and was certainly an interesting one. As usual spoilers are after the jump!

A Dancing Dream

This week’s episode opened with what appeared to be a dream sequence showing Spencer and a young ghost-like girl in a dingy, tiled room containing two bathtubs. Although Spencer initially thinks this may have been another room in A’s dollhouse it is later revealed that it is fact part of the creepy Rosewood building that is Radley Sanitarium. Here we saw the young girl (guest star Maddie Ziegler) performing an expressive dance that seemed to mirror Spencer’s dollhouse flashback from the previous episode where she woke up covered in blood, unsure what A might have made her do. Elements of the sequence, most notably the bathtubs, also hinted back to last week’s episode where Mr D revealed the reason Charles was sent away to Radley in the first place; for trying to drown Ali in a bathtub - this can’t be a coincidence.

Although we know this scene took place within Spencer’s nightmare we can’t be sure whether what we saw is completely fabricated, a hallucination, or perhaps even based on her own memories, without finding out more about just who that little girl is. From watching the AfterBuzz TV and theStreamtv aftershows for this week’s episode it looks as though many fans are speculating about this very fact, suggesting the girl could be a young Bethany, Alison (Spencer did say she looked like a young Ali), Melissa or perhaps even Spencer herself, although it seems very unlikely as surely she would recognise her own face.

The Return Of Faces Old & New

Speaking of recognisable faces, She’s No Angel saw Mona finally return to Rosewood having been absent since the escape from the dollhouse. Despite resembling Jenna with her sunglasses and dark curled locks (perhaps foreshadowing Jenna’s return later in the season?) Mona seemed to be a little fragile post-dollhouse. She confessed to Hanna that she was scared of what Ali might do to her after she landed her old enemy in jail with the whole 'faking her own death' stunt.

"I sent her [Ali] to jail Hanna. For months. There's no way she's not plotting some kind of revenge." - Mona

Now this may be a step too far in terms of over-thinking but personally I find it strange that after Hanna mentioned Mona couldn't make it to meet them as her mother wasn’t leaving her side (since she found out her daughter was in fact still alive) we saw an awful lot of Mona wandering around alone this episode. Not only was she sneaking about at Radley on behalf of Lesli, she was also out alone at night dropping of what she claimed was just a ‘card’ into the DiLaurentis’ mailbox. This has left me a little concerned about Mona’s mother as well as whether Mona is still being blackmailed by A. I’m hoping that we’ll get to find out more about the ‘card’ too as I’m in no doubt that, as always, Mona knows a lot more than she’s letting on.

Another big return was that of a very angry Lesli Stone who we now have confirmed was a patient at Radley. Not just that, she’s a former roommate of none other than Bethany Young – the plot thickens! Near the end of the episode we see Mona call Lesli and explain that the girls now know that she was in Radley (long enough to have known Charles), only to be screamed at by a very angry Lesli. Just how much she knows, and what her involvement in the bigger picture is we can’t be sure but the girls sure seem to think she could be the person they’ve been searching for.

"I asked you to do one thing Mona, one freaking thing and you screwed it up. You screwed it up for me. You always screw everything up!" - Lesli

Also back this week was Dean, whom Spencer happened to bump into at a meeting. You may have recognised him as he previously lived with the Hastings family back when Spencer had addiction issues before, but was swiftly kicked out by Mrs Hastings who felt their relationship was inappropriate when she found him reading to Spencer when she was having trouble sleeping. Of course, he offered to help her out if she ever needed someone to talk to so it looks like we’ll be seeing him again this season.

Two newer faces, neither of which I’m sure whether we can trust or not yet, also returned this week. First up is Lorenzo who was one again helping out Ali, this time by making sure the cop assigned to keep watch outside her house, whom she overheard dissing her, was switched out for someone else. As predicted romance is blossoming between these two, much to the displeasure of Mr D (the only parent to be found in Rosewood this week!) who certainly doesn’t want Lorenzo hanging around. At the moment it’s not clear whether he’s trying to protect his daughter or if he just doesn’t want a cop snooping around because he has something to hide. On another note when Ali drops the Charles grave the group found in Aunt Carol’s yard last week into a conversation with her father he’s left looking very confused. It seems as though Mrs D was definitely lying to her husband about what really happened to their eldest son.

Sticking with new characters, Aria’s photographer friend Clark showed up to whisk her and her trusty camera away to a scrap yard, after telling her about a competition where an internship in LA is up for grabs (maybe this is where we’ll find Aria after the time jump in 6B?). I'm not too sure what to make of Clark just yet, so far it seems wherever he goes A is just arond the corner, and he admitted this week that he knew who Aria was when he met her after seeing her face on the news.

Sara Is Sticking Around

It looks like Sara is done with her mother once and for all after applying for emancipation this week thanks to Emily, who floated the idea, and Caleb who offered her a job at his web design company (since when has he had a web design company?!) to support her application. To celebrate her new found freedom Sara decided it was time to get a tattoo, opting for a bird being freed from it’s cage causing fans everywhere to revisit the unsolved mystery of Tippi the bird!

Sara also encouraged Emily to get a tattoo of her own, leading us to another snippet of A information. Whilst deciding where to place her new ink Emily considered the back of her neck but quickly dismissed the idea stating that it felt 'tender' - could this be where A inserted the trackers into the girls?

So, Where Are We At With The ‘A’ Mystery?

Whilst ‘embracing the creepy’ and photographing some of the many dolls to be found at the scrap yard Aria catches sight of someone moving past in a mirror and takes off to investigate. Although she doesn’t get a glimpse of them she later finds an image (taken by Clark) with a hooded figure in the background… a female figure, leading the girls to now believe that A has to be a girl. Their top suspect? Lesli Stone of course (these girls sure are good at jumping to conclusions when it comes to their next A suspect). Their latest theory, or rather Spencer’s latest theory, is that Lesli, who we now know was a friend of Bethany, believes that Alison is the one who murdered her roommate and that the rest of the girls must have helped to bury the body, explaining why she would be out for revenge on all of them. Maybe it makes sense (she does fit several clues; she could have stolen the game from Mona at Radley and is a face we've seen unmasked before etc) but I'm not really buying into the idea that Lesli is A just yet.

Over at the tattoo parlour Sara finally found out that the girls have been looking for A this entire time. When Aria’s text containing Clark’s photo of the hooded figure pops up on Emily’s phone Sara has somewhat of an interesting reaction. Naturally she’s annoyed that having also been trapped in the dollhouse she’s been left out of the A loop, despite Emily explaining that they were trying to protect her, but it felt like there was perhaps something else in her expression too.

“Charles isn’t dead dead until we find something to prove it” – Hanna

Having discovered more of Charles’ paperwork at Radley (regarding transportation of his organs) the girls seem to be pretty certain that he really isn’t still out there… although I’m pretty certain he is. In my opinion it’s definitely possible that the hooded figure we saw following Aria is not “Big A/Uber A” but perhaps just a member of the A Team. It’s looking more and more likely that there are various people following the girls (and we’re going to find out the identities of Red Coat & Black Widow this season too) so I don’t think Aria’s discovery necessarily means that the A behind all of the torture, and the dollhouse, is a female character.

Sadly there's no new episode next week (way to leave us hanging PLL!) so I'll be back with my next recap in a fortnight!

What did you think of 'She's No Angel'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them! Don't forget if you haven't seen it yet you can catch my previous roundup for the episode titled 'Don't Look Now' by clicking here.
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