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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E4 'Don't Look Now' *Contains Spoilers*

Long time, no blog! Unfortunately after a bit of a busy week I haven't had a chance to post anything here since my last PLL recap (although I have been working away on post for Blogger's Bookshelf & YA Love!), but I'm hoping to get back on top of my schedule soon. For now though it's back to PLL and a recap of the latest epsiode titled Don't Look Now. As always spoilers are after the jump!

This week's episode jumps right in, revisiting the final mystery of the previous episode where we saw Ali and Jason finally confront their father about Charles. As Ali relays the information to the girls we discover a few new snippets about this mysterious character. As suspected by many fans we learn that Charles is in fact a DiLaurentis sibling, older brother to Ali and Jason, and was sent away to Radley at a young age as his parents believed it was too dangerous for him to be at home (also explaining why Mrs D was on the board at Radley). We are also offered an explanation as to why no one else in Rosewood remembers the boy; the DiLaurentis' moved to town after Charles had been sent away as Mrs D was keen to be closer to her eldest son. According to Mr D the reason Ali and Jason were kept in the dark over the years, and why the latter was led to believe Charlie was just his imaginary friend, was a decision on his part as he wanted them to have a normal childhood, despite the protests of his wife.

"You should know why we put Charles in Radley. When you were 11 months old your mother was out in the garden with Jason. I put you in your crib to take a nap and then went outside to turn on the grill. When I came back I heard you screaming. I ran upstairs and found you in the tub. The water was on it was scalding hot and rising fast and Charles was just standing there watching you slip under--" - Kenneth

Early in the episode we are also told that Charles is dead having committed suicide at aged sixteen whilst still a patient at Radley and that Mrs D had him cremated as her husband was out of the country at the time. Of course Hanna is quick to doubt Mr D's claims stating "no body, no grave, no proof" so naturally the girls decide they'll have to conduct their own investigation and seek out Charles' Radley file. Although it was recently revealed that Rosewood's infamous sanitarium had been shut down, the girls still managed to seek out Charles' file by sneaking into the storage room. Just as Mr D had suggested there were no entries past Charles' sixteenth birthday however the visitors log showed that both Mrs D and Carol Ward (a name I'm not sure we've come across before) had been to see Charles during his time at Radley.

As it turns out Jason had previously tried to hide out at his aunt Carol's supposedly empty place, right after the elevator accident back in season three. Through a flashback it is revealed that when he arrived he found his mother there, insistent that he cannot stay even for one night. From inside the house we hear a crashing noise which Mrs D brushes off as 'the wind' however it's clear to see she is lying and hiding someone there - but who? Naturally our first thought may be that Mrs D is hiding Charles after helping him to escape from Radley however this may not be the case. As I mentioned in my previous recap there are some great theories that suggest Cece could be A, so what if Mrs D was letting her hide out there instead? There are a number of possibilities as to who could have been lurking behind the door so I don't think we should jump to the conclusion that it was Charles just yet.

Curious to find out more about aunt Carol's involvement in Charles' life and just whether Mrs D was helping him to hide, Spencer, Ali, Jason and Hanna decide to drive out to her house to search for clues. Having had no luck inside the house they decide to take a look around outside before heading home, only to discover a gravestone with Charles' name on it, contradicting what Mr D has told his kids. Whilst we have known Mr D to tell lies it seems as though maybe in this case he was kept out of the truth loop himself, with Mrs D choosing not to tell him what she really did after Charles' death. I guess the big question this week is really whether Charles is actually still alive, with some fans suggesting that if we know the face of A, Charles 'death' could be symbolic, perhaps he left his old life as Charles DiLaurentis behind to become someone else. 

"Would you be okay if your entire life you were told something that you saw with your own eyes wasn't real?" - Jason

In terms of dollhouse flashbacks Don't Look Now focused mainly on Spencer's missing memories and the mystery of Aria's sudden haircut! In Spencer's flashback scenes we see her covered in blood with no idea what happened, screaming at A's cameras 'What did I do? What did you make me do?!'. We already know none of the girls were harmed and weren't forced to shock each other, only made to believe they were hurting each other. With this in mind it's questionable whether A would really have let Spencer hurt someone or if they just wanted her to believe that she had. Still in the world of dollhouse flashbacks Lucy Hale's brand new haircut is explained via one of Aria's memories where she awoke to find a bottle of pink hair dye, her long locks missing and a message from A that reads 'Dye it now or lose it ALL'. 

The girl's relationships with family and loved ones took a bit of a hit this week too. After staying up all night watching the cops through her window and later confessing that he followed the girls to the storage warehouse via a tracker planted on Hanna's car, Caleb shows up ready to move into to the Marin household to keep an eye out for Hanna. Sadly his presence led Hanna to feel suffocated and angry, finally telling him she needs space - could this spell the end for Haleb?

Over at the Montgomery's, Byron tries to coax information out of Aria by talking to her about her new photography hobby. Just like Ezra last week, he thinks that talking about her experience will help her but Aria is still insistent that she just wants to forget the dollhouse and move on with her life. Later in the episode though she has a change of heart after developing photographs of her room and possessions, choosing to show her father an image of her room, explaining that under A's rule she was forced to live in a replica with no windows and a locked door.

Sara also managed to cause a little disagreement between Emily and her mother, who was left feeling unsure about whether they should have taken her in after finding her sitting on the roof of their home, staring out at the sky. Later Emily wakes up to find Sara gone from her makeshift bed having overheard the pair discussing the issue. After Sara confesses she doesn't want to go to therapy right now, but would rather experience all of the little things she's missed out on whilst being in the dollhouse, Pam is torn as to whether her and Emily can really offer Sara the helps she needs. Emily on the other hand thinks her own experiences with the dollhouse mean her and Sara understand each other and decides to whisk Sara away to the local pool to help her forget her family troubles.

This week we were also introduced to two new characters the first of which is Sabrina, a new baker at The Brew who Spencer turns to for medicinal marijuana out of desperation to get some post-dollhouse sleep. This is no surprise after Spencer's behaviour in the last couple of weeks plus the fact that in this episode we also saw her turn to routing through Aria's bins in search of discarded pills. The second new face belongs to photographer Clark who Aria meets whilst hanging out at Hollis' darkrooms (where she also receives a note from A!). It's difficult to guess what part he may potentially play in the bigger story this season however I'm really hoping that these new faces will be significant to the story in some way and aren't just being introduced for no reason.

This week's episode ended with the familiar black hoodie silhouette looking at a map on a computer screen, revealing the creepy fact that at some point A put trackers on the girls (the second mention of tracker's this episode, the first being Caleb's confession). One of the most interesting aspects of this scene was the fact that there was no tracker on Sara although we know she was at the pool with Emily at the time A was watching. The big question here is what is the significance of us being given this information? Is it confirmation that we should be wary of Sara or perhaps something else?

What did you think of 'Don't Look Now'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them!
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