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Pretty Little Liars Recap: S6E2 'Songs Of Innocence' *Contains Spoliers*

It's PLL recap time again... spoilers after the jump - you've been warned!

The second episode of Pretty Little Liars sixth season titled 'Songs Of Innocence' saw the girls return home after the traumatic experience of being trapped in A's twisted game for around a month. The majority of the episode's 42-minute runtime is spent exploring how each of the girls is handling life back in the real 'post-dollhouse' world. This week we also got to see the parents of Rosewood... well the mothers of Rosewood, as throughout the episode we saw not only how they Liars themselves are coping but also a few snippets sharing how each of their parents are handling the situation in their own way too.

Getting Back To Reality... 
“Have I ever told you you’re the bravest person I’ve ever met?” – Caleb

First up let's talk Hanna, whose reaction was the most relatable for me. After being trapped in a replica of her bedroom whilst in A's dollhouse, Hanna arrived home and decided it was time to redecorate. With the help of Caleb she stripped her room bare, throwing out anything that could remind her of the time she and the girls endured underground. Sitting in her blank canvas of a room Hanna and Ashley share an important scene where the latter tries to gently coax out any information she can from her daughter. Here we learn a little more about A's so-called games and just why none of the girls are willing to speak about what happened.

Despite the rest of the girls being sent home from the hospital with a whole lot of medication to help with their anxiety and finally getting some sleep, Spencer is upset to find that her mother has insisted the hospital not give her certain drugs to bring home due to her past issues. Of course the other girls still have these meds and whilst visiting Aria Spencer chooses to sneak a pill from her friend's bottle. Later that night when Spencer is still wide awake debating whether to take it, Veronica shows up just at the right time, offering to stay up and watch a movie until they both fall asleep.  

To cope with her trauma Emily turns to violence and anger, stealing her father's guns from the family's safe and heading off to the firing range alone. Sidenote: I felt this particular scene could be foreshadowing where we will find Emily after the time-jump in 6B, perhaps following in her father's footsteps and joining the army? Understandably Pam is upset with her daughter's choice to steal and lie, claiming that she was spending time with Hanna whilst sneaking off to shoot but the two seem to have put aside their differences by the end of the episode.

Just like the other girls Aria can't wait for this whole chapter of her life to be over and quickly snaps at Ezra's suggestion that she write it all down, claiming she doesn't want to "own it". Despite Ella's apprehension Aria insists on going to the police station to find out what Rosewood PD have on top suspect Andrew. As it turns out the circumstantial evidence against him is stacking up fast (although we all know A is more than capable of planting evidence!) but in hearing that all they need now is an eye witness account placing him at the scene of the crime Aria changes her story and spins a lie. Although none of the girls saw Charles sans mask, Aria insists that she once did, much to Ella's disappointment as she can clearly see her daughter isn't telling the truth.

Ali began this week's episode by asking her father the question on all of our lips - who is Charles DiLaurentis? Although he professed to have absolutely no idea who this mystery relative could be, I'd have to agree with Spencer who was convinced Ali's dad was lying. Aside from trying to help solve the A mystery, Ali seems to be genuinely trying to rebuild her life after her release from jail. This week we see her attending church and starting to make amends with foes past - evidenced in her somewhat failed attempt to engage Toby in a simple conversation.

Interestingly Mona was absent from this week’s episode, but its unclear whether this was a conscious decision on the part of the writers due to an upcoming storyline or just due to something as simple as time restrictions. Either way I’m looking forward to discovering how Mona is coping with the ordeal of the dollhouse and essentially ‘coming back from the dead’.

Flashback Clues...
“Truth or dare. Who do you love more, me or her? Who deserves water today, you or somebody else? You decide or you lose your turn and somebody else gets to pick. Lots and lots of games.” – Hanna

This week’s episode also began to provide answers to one of the premiere’s biggest questions – just what happened to the girls after the doors closed? Through Hanna’s conversation (quoted above) with her mother – who forever wins Rosewood’s best parent award - and various snippets of flashback sequences we see scenes reminiscent of 2013 horror Would You Rather?, or something out of one of the Saw movies. Here we see the girls alone in dark rooms with three levers laid out on the table in front of them, each hooked up to one of their best friends. With the alarms blaring and an announcement of “choose one or all will suffer” it appears as though the girls were forced to inflict pain upon each other in order to survive.

The Saga Of Sara...
“When I was gone people were very sympathetic with my mother. They paid attention to her. Then I came home and spoiled everything. I should have stayed in that hole.” - Sara

The mystery of Sara lives on this week as in the opening scene of the episode we learn she is in the same hospital as the girls. Later Emily’s mum states she saw Sara leaving the hospital with someone she assumed to be her mother but at the end of the episode Sara mysteriously shows up at Emily’s house claiming to have once again run away from home. Being the kind-hearted family that they are the Fields believe Sara’s tale and agree to let her stay the night in what seems like a definite step towards us learning more about her story next week.

Before showing up on Emily’s doorstep Sara has seen the TV reports about Andrew and plants doubt in Emily’s mind that he is the one behind the dollhouse despite the girls' earlier consensus that Andrew and Charles must be the same person. As I mentioned last week, I know it will probably turn out that Sara is innocent but I just can’t shake that feeling that her story doesn’t add up – I guess we’ll find out more on this over the next two months!

Speaking of new characters, we were also introduced to Toby's latest partner Lorenzo this week, who seems to have already taken a shine to Alison. Naturally my first instinct was to be wary of the newbie - we all know how difficult it is to find anyone who we can trust in Rosewood - but I'm hoping he'll turn out to bean interesting character either way.

What did you think of 'Songs Of Innocence'? If you have any thoughts or theories don't forget to leave a comment below - I'd love to hear them!
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