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A couple of weeks ago I happened to be making two trips to London within six days. Although the first was a planned trip to visit the V&A to see the Savage Beauty exhibition, both visits turned out to be museum-hopping days, meaning I ended up touring four of London's museums over the two days!

Museums are such a great day out and London has a vast variety of them to offer, meaning whatever your interests you'll be able to find one that appeals to you. In just a few hours you can see and learn so much, and as a bonus a lot of them are free to look around! As I had so much fun on these trips, today I thought I'd do something a little different and talk about the four museums I visited...

The Natural History Museum
First up Ria and I headed to The Natural History Museum, somewhere I hadn't been in a very long time. Both myself and Ria were captivated by how beautiful the building itself is and spent quite some time admiring the architecture as well as the exhibits. Of course we couldn't stop by without taking a look at the dinosaur section that the museum is famous for, as well as the Earth Hall and amazing Giant Sequoia. I have to admit we also spent a fair amount of time looking at all of the beautiful treasures in the Minerals section which led onto an area named The Vault, a room filled with stunning gems and even a Martian meteorite.

After perusing the exhibits at our first stop we headed to the V&A for our booked time slot to see Savage Beauty, an exhibition of McQueen's work. The exhibition takes you on a journey through McQueen's development as a designer and includes a huge range of stunning and unique pieces. What stood out to me about the exhibit aside from the items themselves (which were amazing!) was how beautifully they were showcased and although I appreciated being able to enjoy the experience of the exhibition without cameras flashing all over the place, I would have loved to have been able to capture some images of my own. Each room had it's very own styling and distinct feel to it, complimenting the particular garments and collections found inside which made the experience even more enjoyable. I'm clearly no expert on reviewing exhibitions so I won't even attempt to do so but I will urge you to visit this one if you get the chance to, it really was incredible. If you want to find out more about this particular exhibition Ria shared a brilliant post over on her blog!

Whilst we were there we had a wander around the What Is Luxury? exhibit which I also really enjoyed. With pieces sharing ideas on what luxury may mean to us in the future, including a scary yet interesting video showing human hair being coated in resin and made into furniture and other objects, the exhibition was definitely thought-provoking and unique.

The Hunterian Museum
The first stop on my second day out was to a museum I hadn't actually heard of before; The Hunterian. The museum which can be found within the Royal College Of Surgeons is full of specimen jars, bones and some very intriguing pieces such as early surgical equipment and anatomical tables displaying a full nervous system. We also visited the upper level of the museum where we watched a video of brain surgery which I found fascinating. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but we thought the Hunterian, with all of it's unusual contents, was a bit of a hidden gem.

The British Museum
The final stop on my museum-hopping adventure was The British Museum, another place I had never visited before. We decided to start by heading to the Ancient Egypt sections and the first thing we found was the Rosetta Stone. Personally I found this to be one of the most interesting things we saw at the museum and loved learning more about how hieroglyphs worked. Before heading upstairs in search of the mummies, coffins and other artifacts in the 'Egyptian Death & Afterlife' display, we also took in some of the Greek and Roman sculptures. Unfortunately as it was so late in the day we didn't get to look around many more sections and had to leave as they were closing but I would definitely love to go back and see more of the museum in future!

Which of London's museums is your favourite?
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