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May Reads & Reviews

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As mentioned in my last Watching, Reading, Listening update, the first book I finished in May was Stefanie Gaither's Falls The Shadow (2014). The YA book follows Cate who lives in a world where parents can choose to have their children cloned at birth, to be raised in a controlled environment ready to step in if anything bad should happen to the original. Honestly I wasn't crazy about this one and whilst the premise had a lot of potential and the early chapters drew me in, I began to lose interest around the midway point.

Next up I took to my Kindle and made time for a couple of books that had been on my TBR for a while. The two I opted for were both intense and intriguing thrillers with endings that leave you wanting to know more as well as plenty of twists along the way.

The Ruining (Anna Collmore, 2013) is a contemporary psychological thriller following one girl's decision to try and build a better life for herself. When Annie gets into college and lands a job as a nanny for a rich family living in San Francisco she thinks she's hit the jackpot. Finally able to escape her not-so-perfect home life she sets off for her new home with the Cohens; Libby, Walker, toddler Zoe and baby Jackson. When she arrives she instantly feels like a part of their picture-perfect family, but the longer Annie spends with them she starts to see cracks appearing as the story takes a sinister turn. Similarly to Falls The Shadow I really enjoyed the beginning of the book but felt it trailed off a little in the later chapters. Having said that I'm glad I picked this one up and would read more from the author in future.

Following on with the theme, Abigail Haas' YA thriller Dangerous Girls (2013) also tells the story of a dream trip gone wrong when a group of teens are on spring break. The novel explores the complex relationship between best friends Anna and Elise after the latter is found murdered and the former accused of the crime. This one is definitely my top pick of the books I read this month and I'll be sharing a full review over on Blogger's Bookshelf in a couple of weeks!

I'm currently making my way through yet another book from the same genre; Dead Girls Don't Lie (Jennifer Shaw Wolf, 2013). In this novel we meet small-town teen Jaycee whose ex-best friend Rachel is found dead. Although the girls had grown apart it turns out that Jaycee may be the only one able to find out the truth about what happened to Rachel. Here we follow her as she hunts down clues and tries to solve the mystery. So far I think the idea is fairly interesting and am curious to find out what happened to Rachel but it definitely isn't as gripping as Dangerous Girls!

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