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5 Reasons Why I Love Hart Of Dixie

I've been a big fan of Dixie since it's 2011 pilot episode, and have mentioned it here many times over the last few years. As the fourth season recently concluded (with a sugary sweet ending!) and a fifth season looking unlikely amidst all the cancellation rumours, what better time to dedicate a post to one of my all-time favourite shows?! Here's five reasons why I love Hart Of Dixie...

1. The Wardrobes
Not only does Dixie make me smile (I'm watching an old season 1 episode as I write this post!) but it has also helped to shape my blog's current content by inspiring me to create regular Character Style posts! This series is one of the most popular I have created here at e-elise etc over the years and it's all thanks to the various posts I've shared on Zoe's amazing wardrobe. The show also features another one of my all-time favourite character wardrobe's belonging to southern belle Lemon Breeland.

2. The Town
From the moment Zoe steps of the bus in Alabama it's clear that the setting and scenery on the show are going to be beautiful. From the pier to the Mayor's plantation and the town's central bandstand this southern setting feels homely and comforting right from the pilot - I wish BlueBell was a real town so I could move there!

Also found in BlueBell are some great local business such as the Butter Stick bakery, Fancie's fine-dining restaurant, The Dixie Stop convenience store and of course, the Rammer Jammer - a restaurant and bar that's host to many of the town's events (with an exterior that will be familiar to any True Blood or Pretty Little Liars fans!). Whilst doing a little fact-checking research for this post I also discovered that the fictional town of BlueBell does in fact have it's own official town website complete with blog posts - fancy!

3. The Unique Celebrations 
There's always something to celebrate or an unusual event to attend in BlueBell, which helps set Dixie apart from other TV shows. Whether it be the annual Gumbo Cook-Off, the Turtle Derby, the Founder's Day Parade, a zombie-themed proposal (pictured below), BlueBellapalooza or even Planksgiving - BlueBell's unique version of Thanksgiving where everyone traditionally dresses up as pirates (pictured above) - it may be a small town but BlueBell certainly isn't a dull place to be!
4. The Music
Although Dixie isn't a show about musicians, music still features heavily in the series with performances from both regular cast members and guest artists, as well as some great background tracks showcasing many country artists. I can't talk music without mentioning the whole town musical number (a cover of Needtobreathe's The Heart) from the end of season four, which was a perfect example of the important role music plays in the show. A word of warning though - don't watch this if you don't want to know how all of the character's stories conclude, it's spoiler-filled!

5. The Characters & Casting
Of course I couldn't write about the show without including the thing that really makes it so great - the lovable cast of characters who live in BlueBell. The residents of the town are all like one huge family, even Burt Reynolds, Lavon's pet alligator, is somewhat of a charming character!

Right from the pilot episode I've loved getting to know these characters and watching them evolve over the series. If I had to choose a favourite character it would definitely be Lavon, BlueBell's ex-football player turned mayor, but honestly Dixie is one of those rare shows where I really like all of the characters.

So there you have it, five reasons why Hart Of Dixie is one of my favourites! Are you a Dixie fan?

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