Wednesday, 8 April 2015

DIY 'A' Necklace (Inspired By Pretty Little Liars)

pll a necklace diy tutorial 2

Following on from the recent season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars I couldn't resist putting together a themed DIY project to share with you! This shrink plastic 'A' necklace is super easy to make and will help pass the time until season 6 begins in the summer.

You will need: a sheet of shrink plastic, a red pencil, a craft knife, a hole punch, an oven or heat tool, waxed cord, jump rings, a clasp, crimp ends, jewellery pliers

1. First, use a red pencil to draw out an A onto your sheet of shrink plastic. Then punch a hole above the top of the A - this will allow you to attach it onto your necklace

2. Next carefully cut around the letter then bake according to the instructions provided with your shrink plastic.

3. Once you have your finished pendant it's time to add it onto a necklace. Before doing this you can add a layer of glaze onto the plastic to protect it however this is an optional step.

4. To create a necklace like the one shown above cut a length of waxed cord and add a crimp onto each end. Attach on a clasp using your pliers and finally use a jump ring to hang the A pendant. Alternatively you can use a ready made necklace cord or chain.

Happy DIY-ing!

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