Friday, 10 April 2015

Behind The Scenes - Character Style Posts

Recently I've been having fun putting together lots of new Character Style posts and it seems like you've been enjoying them too. With that in mind today I thought I would share a little behind the scenes feature on the process of creating this popular series!

1. Choosing A Character
First up is finding the right characters to feature, which isn't always as simple as it sounds. Back in 2013 when I started talking character style I chose to feature wardrobes like Zoe Hart's and Deb Morgan's purely because they were the kind of looks I would like to wear myself. Whilst I still enjoy showcasing the outfits of characters with styles I love, nowadays I also like to branch out, looking at any characters who have a distinctive style.

Whenever I watch a new TV show or film I'm always on the lookout for which character/s could be perfect to feature. For example, as soon as I saw Kimmy's bold, fun and colourful style on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I just knew she would be a great fit for the series, despite the fact her wardrobe is nothing like my own.

2. Analysing Their Style
These days I tend to make notes on things such as particular items, recurring themes and colour palettes as I watch the episodes or film. You can see this technique in the screenshot below using Nashville's Juliette Barnes as an example.

To help me when it comes to sourcing the right items later on I also take to imdb or the show's official website for reference images to jog my memory. However in some cases, with films or shorter TV series, I source the clothing items as I watch and skip the note-making step altogether.

character style notes

3. Sourcing The Right Items
The next step is finding the perfect clothing items to feature in the final post. I usually start the search by reading back over my lists and looking for any items that I know I might be able to find at a particular shop. If there are any I usually source these first, crossing off the easiest items before moving on to those that are trickier to find.

For any other items I usually turn to Shopstyle which is a brilliant website to use if you're searching for something in particular. The website includes a search box where you can type in key words and be presented with items from a whole range of shops which saves visiting each website separately. You can also narrow down the results by price, colour etc so it makes it easy to find specific items. Another handy website for reference is Worn On TV where you can look up a particular character or TV show to find out where some of the actual clothing pieces are from.

4. Creating The Graphics
Next comes what is usually the most difficult part of the process; creating the final image. As you can see from the screenshot below I don't use any fancy software to create the images but usually stick with trusty old Powerpoint!

This step is just like doing a puzzle and it can often be tricky to fit all of the items together, and sometimes a few have to be discarded as they don't fit in. On the other hand, if I run out of items but still have gaps in the image I will then look back at photos or episodes to find the right type of item to fit the space/s.

style insp temp

5. The Writing
Once the image is ready to go it's time to work on the text for the post. Usually this includes a short summary of the character's style or a list of tips on how to recreate the look, followed by a full list of links to all of the items showcased in the post. Once I've proof-read the text and added in the image it's ready to press the publish button!

I hope you've enjoyed this little sneak peek into the process of creating Character Style posts! I have a few more currently in the works however if there is a particular character you'd like to see featured please leave a comment and let me know - I'm always looking for new ideas!
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