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Top 10 Nashville Duets

About two months ago I decided that I wanted to write a post all about the songs I've been playing on repeat recently... and then I realised the list would be made up exclusively of tracks from the Nashville soundtrack. After changing the format of this post from sorting the songs by volume then season I finally settled on a top 10 list of Nashville duets from the first two season's soundtracks. So, in no particular order here's the lowdown on my top ten Nashville duets!

top 10 nashville duets
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1. If I Didn't Know Better (Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio as Scarlett & Gunnar)
What better way to kick off a list of duets than with this number from Nashville's pilot episode. The song, which on the show is originally a poem written by Scarlett (but is actually a Civil Wars cover), is performed by the duo in front of a small audience at the Bluebird cafe where they both work and marks the first of many times we hear this pair sing together. This one is best listened to through headphones where you'll be able to hear Clare's vocals in one ear and Sam's in the other.

2. Everything I'll Ever Need (Hayden Panettiere & Jonathan Jackson as Juliette & Avery)
After the world turns against her following a misinterpreted comment, a disheartened and disguised (very poorly I might add!) Juliette takes to the streets to do a little busking with Avery. Together they perform this short but catchy number and go on to collaborate on other songs such as Juliette's most popular track to date; Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet.

3. Telescope (Lennon & Maisy Stella as Maddie & Daphne)
This acoustic song is the sisters' calmer take on a sassy Juliette Barnes number performed by Hayden Panettiere, complete with dance routine, earlier in the season. On the show the pair choose to perform their version at a talent show with their parents watching proudly in the audience. Whilst Hayden's version of Telescope is upbeat, fun and full of energy - the perfect pop country mix - Lennon and Maisy's acoustic version is my favourite of the two.

4. Fade Into You (Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio as Scarlett & Gunnar)
Although I knew another Gunnar & Scarlett duet would be sneaking into this list I had some trouble deciding which one it should be so took to iTunes to find out which one I had played the most times which happened to be Fade into You. After the pair score a deal with Watty White Scarlett struggles to feel comfortable in the setting of a recording studio. After a little help from Avery the episode ends with the pair successfully recording this song.

top 10 nashville duets

5. Can't Say No To You (Chris Carmack & Hayden Panettiere as Will & Juliette)
Whilst on tour together Will and Juliette team up for this fun duet originally planned for Will to perform with girlfriend Layla and it's definitely one of my season two favourites. I also know for a fact that fifteen year old Erin never thought she'd find herself sitting here eleven years later listening to country songs sang by the actor who played 'golden retriever' Luke on teen drama The O.C. - the show that got me hooked on US dramas in the first place - but hey, sometimes things surprise you.

6. Ho Hey (Lennon & Maisy Stella as Maddie & Daphne)
My next pick is another cover version from this talented pair who perform this Lumineers song at one of their mother Rayna's soundchecks whilst hanging out backstage on her tour. I really loved this moment on the show and think it's a brilliant cover worthy of making the top 10!

7. Wrong Song (Connie Britton & Hayden Panettiere as Rayna & Juliette)
This is the first collab between the two leading ladies of Nashville who are forced by their record label to team up to save their careers. Although the pair are both reluctant to write together, or even be in the same room, the song turns out to be a huge success for these characters and they go on to collaborate again in season two on a track called He Ain't Gonna Change.

top 10 nashville duets

8. Ball & Chain (Connie Britton & Will Chase as Rayna & Luke)
On the show this catchy duet performed by the two country 'superstars' was originally penned by Gunnar (with a little help from Scarlett) who at the time was on tour with Luke as a songwriter. We first hear the song performed acoustically as Gunnar is working on finding the right lyrics, but when Rayna and Luke overhear it, Ball & Chain quickly becomes a hit duet for the pair. At first I wasn't so sure about this one but it's very catchy!

9. You Ain't Dolly (Clare Bowen & Chris Carmack as Scarlett & Will)
This cover version of an Ashley Monroe & Blake Shelton duet is one of my season one favourites. Even though whole song isn't featured on the show I had it stuck in my head for weeks after I first watched the episode! On a night out at a bar Scarlett is joined by Will and Gunnar to celebrate her new record deal when Will goes up on stage and announces her news to the whole bar, inviting her up on stage to sing and this duet is born!

10. Believing (Chip Esten &Lennon Stella as Deacon & Maddie)
My final choice may be a little bit of a cheat as the pair do have a tiny bit of help from Lennon's younger sister Maisy who chips in whilst watching them perform the acoustic song in Deacon's living room. As Deacon and Maddie begin to bond over guitar lessons they end up writing this song together and it's the perfect fit to accompany the final scenes of season 2 episode 11.

What have you been listening to lately?

top 10 nashville duets
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