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March Reads & Reviews

march reads and reviews 2015

Books marked with a * c/o Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

Popular dystopian tale, and my first read of March, The Maze Runner (James Dashner, 2009) was on my mental list of possible re-reads for the year but after re-watching the film adaptation it jumped straight to the top of the list as I was curious to see how the two versions differed. I wrote about the two earlier this month however if you missed the post first time around you can catch up here.

Next I decided to catch up on a couple of review books I'd recently received from publishers/Netgalley, the first of which was murder mystery novel Rumors* (A.C. Arthur, 2014). The book introduces a group of characters who were close whilst at college ten years ago but have since gone their separate ways after a friend was murdered. Despite the interesting 'whodunnit' format, unfortunately I didn't really like any of the characters and was also disappointed to find that the mystery is not concluded within the novel. Another thing I should note is that although the book was pitched to team BB as part of a YA press release after reading it both myself and Ria felt that it was actually an adult novel - something to keep in mind if you're thinking of picking it up.

The second review book I read this month was We All Looked Up* (Tommy Wallach, 2015), which many bloggers seem to have fallen in love with. The story follows four teens after they learn that an asteroid named Ardor is headed towards the Earth, leaving them with potentially only a few weeks left to live. Unfortunately whilst I loved the thought-provoking concept I didn't really connect with any of the characters and therefore begun to lose interest towards to the middle of the novel. Having said that I'll be talking more about the elements of the novel I did enjoy over on Blogger's Bookshelf next month!

Next up was a short graphic novel, The City Of Ember (Jeanne DuPrau, Dallas Middaugh & Niklas Asker, 2012) which is based on author Jeanne DuPrau's novel of the same name. I thought this one was an interesting little read and am definitely keen to pick up the original novel to find out more about the characters, Ember's origins and all of the other little details left out of the adaptation.

Another graphic novel I picked up this month was Edward Scissorhands: Volume 1 Parts Unknown* (Kate Leth & Drew Rausch, 2015) which I was lucky enough to read prior to it's May release date. Rather than a re-telling of the 1990 Tim Burton film the graphic novel follows Kim's granddaughter Megan as she tries to prove that the stories about Edward are true. I'm going to be talking about this one in a future post so keep an eye out for that if you're intrigued!

My final read of this roundup was Marie Lu's Prodigy (2013), the first sequel in the Legend trilogy. Unfortunately it took me a little while to get through this one as I managed to catch a cold just after I started reading it and don't ever seem to be able to get any reading done when I don't feel well! Overall I did enjoy Prodigy, which continues to follow Day & June's action-packed storyline from the first instalment, and I'll definitely be reading the final book although sadly this series still isn't one of my favourites when it comes to the genre.

Reviews posted in March... The Island, Jen Minkman (2013) | Makery: Sewing, Kate Smith (2015)

What did you read this month?
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