Sunday, 8 March 2015

DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelets

As you may have noticed the DIYs have been a little sparse around here lately as to be honest I haven't been feeling inspired to craft. Today I thought I'd grab a few jewellery supplies from my stash and attempt to get back into the spirit with this simple but effective project. These bracelets are really easy to make as well as customise to suit your style, plus they make brilliant gifts for friends and family!

You will need: thin waxed cord, crimp beads/other small beads, a clasp, cord ends/crimps (I've used 'calotte' style crimps), scissors, flat jewellery pliers

1. First take your waxed cord and cut a length around 3.5-4 times the size of your wrist, then thread on as many beads as you like.

2. Once you are happy with the amount of beads you'll need to add on the cord or crimp ends. If you're using calottes thread these onto the ends of your bracelet cord. Tie knots or add on crimp beads to secure the ends of the bracelet then close the crimp ends over this to fix in place. Then add on a small clasp to fasten the bracelet.

3. Finally, slide the beads around the bracelet to arrange them however you'd like. If you're using crimp beads you can also secure them in place using pliers if you wish or alternatively leave the beads to move freely around the bracelet.

Happy DIY-ing!
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