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Character Style Inspiration - Melissa Joan Hart's Most Famous Roles

Images of Melissa Joan Hart via imdb.com
Today's Character Style post in a 3-in-1 special featuring Melissa Joan Hart's most famous roles. After reading her autobiography Melissa Explains It All earlier this year, and as a fan of all three of these shows, I was inspired to take a look at how the famous character's wardrobes compare.

In her role as Nickelodeon's first female lead Clarissa Darling (Clarissa Explains It All 1991-1994), Melissa's wardrobe was full of quirky, mis-matched early 90's ensembles which broke away from the trend of matching sets. In a behind-the-scenes feature a sixteen year old Melissa Joan Hart sums up her character's style as 'fun, imaginative' with 'no boundaries' and even shows off the small padlocks that adorned every pair of her shoes. Clashing colours, bold patterns, oversized pieces and lots of jewellery make Clarissa's statement wardrobe unique and perfect for the sassy teen.

Next up in her role as Sabrina Spellman on another Nickelodeon show Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996-2003), her everyday outfits reflected those found in other US high school based TV shows of the era - making UK teens in their uniforms envious! Her wardrobe even played a key part in the opening credits sequence during the earlier seasons which featured many fancy dress ensembles, and with the magic ability to change an outfit in seconds, why not have a little fun?! Cosy fine knit tops, mini skirts, collared shirts, choker necklaces, a trusty leather backpack and a whole lot of velvet all feature heavily - most of which are firm features in every high street shop and magazine today, over ten years later.

Finally Melissa's current role as town council woman Mel Burke (Melissa & Joey 2010-present) comes with it's own unique wardrobe, this time full of tailored pieces, designer heels and statement jewellery. In a backstage tour video Melissa shows the audience a sneak peek of the wardrobe department naming Karen Millen, Kate Spade and the Olsen twins brand Elizabeth & James as some of her favourite designers to wear on the show. Although she does seem to favour the occasional floral print or stripe, Mel's outfits often consist of more plain coloured items without the bolder prints we saw on both Clarissa and Sabrina.

Which MJH character's wardrobe is your favourite?
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