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Less Toxic Nails? - Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover (Unscented)

priti nyc soy nail polish remover review
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As part of my ongoing quest to swap 'toxic' nail products for more friendly formulas I decided to invest in a soy-based remover. I absolutely hate using regular removers for many reasons, from the strong lingering smell to the way they dry out my nails and skin, so a more natural remover was something I'd been eager to try for quite a while.

Of course there are lots of soy-based formulas available from various brands but I opted for Priti NYC's version (priced at £12 for 2oz) to pair with the polishes I was also trying out from the same brand. Although I opted for the unscented product (which I love), a Lemongrass scented version is also available if you prefer a nice natural scent.

For me the fact that the product is unscented is a huge difference, making the overall process a much more pleasant one. At first I was quite sceptical as to just how long the 2oz bottle would last as it is much smaller than a lot of cheap removers and also carries an expiration date - in my case this date is less than twelve months after the purchase date - and after two months I have used around a third of the bottle.

Having tried out this product I'll definitely be continuing to use soy-based remover in future. Although it may carry a slightly higher price tag, for me it's worth the extra cost to banish the strong smelling chemicals and feel happier about repainting my nails as often as I like!

Following on with my 'Less-Toxic Nails' series I also wanted to include a little more detail about how effectively the Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover worked on different types of polish. Here's a quick overview of my experiences using the product on 3-free, glitter and water-based formulas:

Removing 3 Free Polish: first up I tried out the soy-based remover on a regular 3-free formula with creme finish. I was very impressed with how easily the polish came away from my nails and was happy to discover that it didn't leave them, or my skin, feeling dry or in bad condition - definitely a positive start.

Removing Glitter Polish: as we all know glitter polishes are notoriously difficult to remove and unfortunately the soy remover didn't manage to tackle this issue any better than a regular polish remover. In the end it took around double the amount of product as removing the 3-free creme finish polish but it still didn't do a bad job. As this bottle of soy remover is quite small in comparison to your average remover and carries a higher price tag I'm keen not to waste it and therefore would be reluctant to wear glitter polish too often.

Removing Water-Based Polish: having read up on water-based polishes before making my purchase I was a little concerned that the removal process wouldn't be so easy without a specifically designed removal product and was prepared to follow tips such as soaking my nails in warm water before applying the remover. However I was pleased to find that the soy-based formula did a good job without any extra steps. Although its fair to say removing the water-based polish took a little more time and effort than the 3-free I was still very impressed with how this remover tackled the formula.

You can find this Soy Nail Polish Remover over on Priti NYC'S website.

Have you tried any 'non-toxic' polish removers?
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