Thursday, 19 February 2015

Less Toxic Nails? - Priti NYC 682 Black Moon Pansies

priti nyc black moon panises nail polish swatch
For today's Less Toxic Nails post I'm revisiting the brand Priti NYC, this time to try out one of their glitter polishes; a black-based number named Black Moon Pansies.

When it comes to glitter black-based polishes are my favourite with Topshop's Gyspy Night topping the list, so when I saw this shade I couldn't resist adding it to my collection.

Just like Rabbit Tracks the polish was extremely easy to apply and only needed two thin coats to achieve the opacity pictured above. As you can see the polish is packed full with both silver and gold glitter, fully covering each nail with even distribution and no need to apply extra coats. Another impressive factor was the drying time which to me seemed much quicker than the creme finish formula I previously reviewed. Similarly the scent of the polish wasn't as strong as some traditional formulas and certainly didn't linger on my nails after application - a definite bonus in my opinion.

Again to keep these Less Toxic Nails experiments fair I didn't apply a topcoat and unfortunately after just a few days I did experience some major chips. Luckily due to it's glittery nature the polish is particularly forgiving allowing me to repaint small areas of the nails without it being too noticeable. The other difference that comes with not applying a topcoat to this particular polish is the texture as the glitter doesn't leave the nails feeling completely smooth. Personally this didn't bother me but it's definitely something to keep in mind if you're planning to go topcoat-free.

Although Black Moon Pansies was perhaps not as hard-wearing as it's creme finish counterparts I found chips easy to fix and the overall application process, with it's quick drying time, much more pleasant.

Have you tried anything from the Priti NYC range? 

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