Monday, 23 February 2015

How To Make Hoop Earrings In Minutes - No Tools Required!

These simple silver hoops are the perfect, ready to wear in minutes DIY to try out this week. Inspired by 'jump ring' style earrings I'd seen over on Etsy, simply made from short strips of wire, this headpin version is super easy to make. I've been wearing one in my cartilage piercing for the last few weeks and have found the delicate design extremely comfortable to wear. To create your own earring all you need is a headpin (I'd recommend sterling silver) and something round such as a pen - no tools necessary!

1. Take your headpin and a small round object (I've used a lip liner pencil). Press the headpin firmly against the side of the pencil and carefully bend the wire tightly around the shape.

2. Once you are happy with the wire loop, remove the headpin from the pencil and gently adjust if necessary to make sure the ends of the loop line up creating a full circle.

This method will work well for larger sizes of hoops too, just use longer length headpins!

3. When you're ready to wear the earring simply open it up gently by pulling apart the ends of wire in opposite directions. Make sure you do this so you are moving one piece of wire upwards and one downwards rather than pulling them outwards away from each other as this will ruin the shape of your earring.

4. Thread the end of the wire through your piercing and gently move the ends of wire back to the centre to create a full loop again.

Happy DIY-ing!

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