Sunday, 8 February 2015

DIY Simple Jade Bracelet

diy simple jade bracelet

For today's post I thought I would share a DIY using one of the techniques from Beaded Jewelry: Wirework Techniques which I reviewed here on Thursday. To create this pretty bracelet in just minutes I used the book's easy to follow tutorial on creating wire-wrapped links using beads. Here's how to make your own...

You will need: a small Jade rondelle bead (or similar), a 3" piece of wire, ribbon, flat and round nose pliers

diy simple jade bracelet | eight & sixteen

1. Start by using flat nose pliers to bend your piece of wire at a right angle around 1" from the end

2. Grip with your round nose pliers and bend the wire up and over the top barrel of the pliers creating half a loop

3. Move your half loop onto the lower barrel of the pliers and continue to bend so that you have a complete loop

diy simple jade bracelet | eight & sixteen

4. Hold the loop still with your flat nose pliers and wrap the tail of the wire around the remaining base wire, starting directly under the loop and making your way downwards

5. Trim off any excess wire if necessary and use your pliers to make sure the end is pushed down tightly so it won't scratch when you wear the bracelet

6. Thread on your bead, move a little way along the wire then bend at a right angle using your pliers

diy simple jade bracelet | eight & sixteen

7. Repeat steps 2-5 to create a second loop on the other side of the bead allowing you to turn it into a bracelet by adding a length of ribbon on either side

Tip! For my bracelet I used the hanging ribbons from an item of clothing - often people cut these out and throw them away but they are perfect for projects like this!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - if you liked this project don't forget to Pin it!

Happy DIY-ing!
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