Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Quilt Update #5 - The 'Quilt Sandwich'

Long time, no quilt update! Although I completed the patchwork top back in the summer and tracked down a light grey cotton flat sheet to use for the backing shortly afterwards the project has been stored away for a few months. Early January saw me finally find the time, and more importantly space, to move onto the next step and create my 'quilt sandwich'.

I chose to use the simple pin basting method with curved safety pins. Due to space restrictions the only place I was able to lay the whole thing out flat was on the kitchen floor and whilst I'd read a lot about spray basting and how much time it can save, to me it didn't seem like the best option indoors!

As my quilt is a reasonable size and only just fits into the kitchen floor space I did have a little bit of trouble getting the fabric to lay flat, but a roll of masking tape, around 100 pins and a couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars later and my quilt sandwich was complete! Next up; the actual quilting...

You can find my last quilt update here: Quilt Update #4
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