Tuesday, 6 January 2015

One Very Small Reading Goal

bargain books guide Last year I handpicked 24 of the 100+ books sitting on my shelves and Kindle unread and challenged myself to make sure they were on my 2014 TBR. In the end I only managed to finish eleven of them amongst the 80-something titles I read over the year, so for 2015 I'm setting myself a much smaller challenge. Alongside the few titles I'll be 'vowing' to read over in the annual Blogger's Bookshelf collaboration I've decided to set just one other small reading goal for 2015; to re-read five books.

Just five re-reads may not seem like very many however in both 2014 and 2013 I had planned to find time for revisiting favourites and I failed miserably, getting caught up in new releases, Netgalley and a never-ending stack of library books.

This year I've also decided, for now at least, not to take part in the Goodreads challenge. For the past three years I have set a goal and managed to read over it each time but after completing my 2014 goal I decided that this year I don't want to set a target number. Of course I'll still be reading lots of books and was thinking of keeping some sort of list but after watching Priscilla's latest video (The Readables) I think I might join her in filling a jar with colour coded paper stars featuring the names of the books I've read - such a brilliant idea! This way I'll be able to tally them up when it comes to the end of the year but I'm happy not to keep count along the way.

What are your reading goals for 2015?
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