Thursday, 8 January 2015

Less Toxic Nails? - Priti NYC 508 Rabbit Tracks

I can always be found with polish on my nails and have even posted many a nail art tutorial here in the past, but with persistent eczema on my hands and around my eyes I recently decided it was time to try making more considered choices about what I use on my nails. With this in mind I'm hoping to try out some of the various more 'healthy' alternatives from 3-free to water-based formulas and as I do so I'll be reviewing them here as well.

Today I'm starting off with Priti NYC's Rabbit Tracks after hearing about the brand over on Naturia Beauty. According to their website Priti NYC is a '4-free' brand creating polishes without the use of 'toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and camphor'.

I opted for this deep grey-blue slightly teal shade, described on the website as a 'dark dusty turquoise', as an alternative to the deep red I've been sporting constantly for the last few months (Nails Inc Victoria) as unfortunately there isn't currently a similar shade available in the range.

I prepped my nails with a quick swipe of micellar water before painting them and was really impressed with both the application and colour, opting for no topcoat as the website describes the polishes as 'extremely durable and glossy'. The photograph above shows how the polish looks with just two coats although I would recommend applying three for a fully opaque finish. Although the polish was touch dry in a few minutes I did manage to get some 'duvet imprints' after mistakenly thinking they had dried completely, so I would recommend waiting a little longer than usual for the polish to set. Even without a base or topcoat the polish has lasted on my nails for over a week with only minimal chipping around the tips - pretty impressive for any brand.

As for the 'non-toxic claims' this formula, like traditional polishes, does carry an unpleasant "toxic" scent but I didn't find it to be quite as strong as many popular brands and it didn't linger for too long either. Overall I'm rather impressed with this Priti NYC shade!

Have you tried anything from the Priti NYC range?
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