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DIY Drawstring Phone Pouch

diy drawstring phone pouch 1

If you're thinking about taking up a new hobby this year why not try sewing? In 2014, after years of putting it off, I became really enthusiastic about this craft and today I thought I would share a project I enjoyed making last year - perhaps one to try if you're a beginner! This handy pouch is lined with felt so there's no messing around with interfacing and it's a great way to practise the basics.

You will need: a strip of felt (half an A4 felt sheet), a strip of fabric the same width as your felt but 2" longer, a strip of ribbon & a large bead

Tools: a sewing machine, scissors, clover clips or pins, a ruler or tape measure, fray stopper (or clear nail polish), an erasable or fabric pen, fabric glue or hemming tape & a safety pin

Note: these measurements will fit a Samsung Galaxy S3 or similar sized phone, they will also fit most sunglasses. If you have a different sized phone/gadget or other object you want to store don't forget to adjust the measurements to fit!

diy drawstring phone pouch 2 diy drawstring phone pouch 3

1. Take your strip of fabric patterned side down and fold over 1" at each end. Measure 0.5" from each end of your fabric and draw a line using an erasable/fabric pen - these will be the guidelines to make sure your felt is central.

diy drawstring phone pouch 4

2. Use fabric glue or a small strip of hemming tape to secure the felt onto the reverse side of the fabric. Use the lines you drew in step 1 as a guide to line up where the felt should sit - it should be exactly in the centre!

diy drawstring phone pouch 5

3. Flip over your fabric so that the patterned side is face up and add on a line of topstiching a little way up from the edge of the felt on both ends. This will secure the fabric and felt in place and add a decorative look to the finished pouch.

diy drawstring phone pouch 6
diy drawstring phone pouch 7

4. Now its time to stitch up the fabric and turn it into a pouch! Fold the strip in half with the felt on the outside and clip or pin in place ready for sewing. Make sure the fabric on the inside is pushed down flat before you start to sew - particularly in the corners. If necessary use a knitting needle or something similar to make sure the fabric is pushed down flat.

diy drawstring phone pouch 8

5. Straight stitch down one side of the fabric between the fold and the topstitching you added earlier approx. 1/4" away from the edge. Don't forget to backstitch a little at the beginning and end to make sure its secure!

diy drawstring phone pouch 9

6. Your pouch should now look something like the photograph above. Repeat step 5 along the other edge.

7. To prevent any fraying you can use a zig zag stitch or similar alternative to overstitch along both edges of the pouch. Alternatively use your clear nail polish or fray stopper.

diy drawstring phone pouch 11

8. Use clear nail polish or fray stopper on the edges of the fabric at the top of the pouch which have not been stitched.

diy drawstring phone pouch 12

9. Trim off any excess threads then turn your pouch inside out so that the floral fabric is now back on the outside.

diy drawstring phone pouch 13

10. Take your length of ribbon and attach a safety pin onto one end. Thread the ribbon through the fabric at the top of the pouch so that the two ends of ribbon meet on one side.

diy drawstring phone pouch 14

11. Remove the safety pin, thread both ends of the ribbon through the bead and tie a knot to secure it in place. Trim off the ends of the ribbon and again use your nail polish or fray stopper to prevent any fraying.

Use the pouch to store your phone, sunglasses or anything else you like!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the links below to share your photos with me! Happy DIY-ing!
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