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DIY Chain Tassel Pendant

diy tassel pendant 1
Recently I've been seeing this jewellery trend pop up all over the high street, adding a statement to many simple necklace and earring designs. These pretty tassels made from lengths of chain can easily be replicated with just a few basic craft supplies and can really transform a necklace. Today I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how to create your own!

You will need: chain, jump rings, jewellery wire or an eyepin, a bead cap (without hanging loop), a bead/s, a clasp, flat & round nose pliers

diy tassel pendant 2

1. First up you'll need to cut a short strip of wire (2-3" should be fine depending on the size of your bead/s) then use pliers to create a loop at one end. To do this use flat nosed pliers to bend the wire at a right angle then round nose pliers to create the loop itself.

The loop will need to fit inside your bead cap later on so make sure it's not too big!Alternatively choose an eyepin - a length of wire with a readymade loop - of the correct size for your bead cap.

2. Next cut strips of your chain (choose the length depending on how long you want the finished tassel to be) and thread a few of them onto jump ring. Repeat this step until you have enough chain to create a full looking tassel the correct size for your bead cap - I only used two jump rings twelve strips of chain for my tassel.

diy tassel pendant 3

3. Take your wire loop from step 1, carefully open it using pliers, and thread on the jump rings with the chain attached.

4. Thread your bead cap onto the wire so it sits over the top of your wire loop and jump rings.

diy tassel pendant 4

5. If you're also adding on any beads thread them onto the wire above the bead cap.

6. Next you'll need to secure everything in place. To create a hanging loop above the bead use your flat nosed pliers to bend the wire out at a right angle about 1cm above the top of the bead. Use round nosed pliers to create a loop as shown above.

diy tassel pendant 5

7. Tightly wrap any remaining wire around the exposed cm of wire underneath the loop and secure in place with pliers.

8. To turn the pendant into a necklace take another length of wire (use my Guide To Necklace Lengths to help decide how long you need the chain to be) and add on a clasp using jump rings. Use one final jump ring to attach your tassel pendant onto the chain and your necklace is complete!

Alternatively chain tassels can also be used to make a pair of statement earrings. Use jump rings to attach them on to earring wires instead!
diy inspiration chain tassels

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As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the links below to share your photos with me! Happy DIY-ing!
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