Saturday, 20 December 2014

From The Archives: 10 Last-Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Today I thought I would delve into the e-elise etc DIY archives and share some last-minute gift ideas before it's too late! With the right supplies there's still enough time to recreate your own version of any of these projects so I've also listed what you'll need to make them - happy DIY-ing!

1. Monogram Earrings
You will need: alphabet beads, wire, rubber earring backs, pliers & wire cutters

2. Bunny Ear Scrunchies
You will need: fabric, a sewing machine, scissors, an iron, elastic, an erasable pen, wire, a needle & thread

3. Upcycled Glass Jars
You will need: glass jars, white tissue paper, Mod Podge, scissors, a sponge brush, a craft punch, patterned paper

4. Wire Ear Cuff
You will need: round nose pliers, wire cutters, wire, a ruler

5. Charm Cluster Hair Ties
You will need: a hairband, beads, short headpins, a jump ring, pliers

6. Geometric Corkboards
You will need: acrylic paints, corkboards or heat resistant cookware pads, washi tape, a paintbrush & sponge brush, ribbon, a drawing pin

7. Washer Friendship Bracelet
You will need: a washer, waxed cord or thread and scissors

8. Hexagon Keyrings
You will need: fabric, felt, ribbon, three hexagon templates - two 2" and one 3", scissors, erasable pen, a needle & thread, an iron, iron-on hemming web

9. Choker Necklace
You will need: waxed cord, beads/charms, jump rings, a lobster clasp, pliers, a tape measure, an extender chain (optional)

10. Kindle/Tablet Case
You will need: fabrics, wadding, scissors, a sewing machine, a needle & embroidery thread, pins, an iron & a small Velcro strip

Happy DIY-ing!
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