Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Style Inspiration - Dainty Earrings By BVLA

style inspiration BVLA EARRINGS
Personally I love the look of small dainty earrings, especially for multiple piercings, and am always on the look out for pretty sterling silver designs that aren't too big for my little earlobes! With that in mind today's style inspiration comes from LA-based company Body Vision, who stock a whole range of small but pretty designs like the ones shown above, many of which are now firmly on my wish list. Unfortunately I don't know of any online stockists based in the UK, or that ship here - if you know of any please let me send links my way!

Styles pictured: Flat Teardrop (various sizes) | Feather (10mm) | Paloma Swirl (6 or 11mm) | Flat Lotus With Bezel (4.5mm) | Fleur De Lys (5mm) | Square Pyramid (2.2mm) | Infinity (5mm)
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