Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DIY Wire Arrow Necklace (Hunger Games Inspired)

For my first of three Hunger Games Week jewellery DIYs I've created a tutorial for this pretty Katniss inspired arrow necklace!

To make your own you will need: a 12" piece of jewellery wire (0.8mm), flat nose jewellery pliers, wire cutters, 12 seed beads, 2 jump rings & an assembled chain

diy wire arrow necklace inspired by the hunger games

1. Take your piece of wire and bend it in half using your pliers, this bend will form the point of your triangle. Bend out the two ends of the wire so that you are left with a V shape then turn this into a triangle by bending each of the ends inwards.

2. Use your pliers to create right angles out from the triangle leaving a gap in between the two lengths of wire to allow space for the beads

diy wire arrow necklace inspired by the hunger games diy wire arrow necklace inspired by the hunger games

3. Thread your seed beads onto one side of the arrow then use your pliers to bend both lengths of wire outwards at right angles ready to form the 'fletching' or diagonal points of the arrow.

4. To create these take one side of your wire and use pliers to bend it outwards at a diagonal angle, then fold the wire back along this line. Leave a small gap and then repeat this process so you have two shapes creating the points. Repeat this process on the opposite side to complete the arrow shape.

5. To finish off you'll want to hide any sharp ends. You can do this however you like, but for this tutorial I have just wrapped them together so it looks like a small knot. For a neater finish you could try and incorporate the ends into one of the diagonal points created in step 4 so it becomes part of the design.

diy wire arrow necklace inspired by the hunger games

6. Once you have your finished pendant use pliers to open up the jump rings and thread the arrow charm and chain onto them. You may need to use your pliers to gently open up one of the points a little to allow you to fit a jump ring through the gap. Alternatively hang the arrow as a vertical pendant using just one jump ring. Close up the jump ring/s and your Katniss inspired necklace is ready to wear!

diy wire arrow necklace inspired by the hunger games
hunger games week
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