Thursday, 20 November 2014

DIY District 4 Earrings (Hunger Games Inspired)

DIY district 4 inspired earrings

For today's jewellery tutorial I've taken inspiration from district 4, home to Panem's fishing industry as well as fan favourite Finnick Odair. To reflect these fishing roots I've combined pearls, blue glass chips and shells to create a pretty pair of earrings with a subtle nod to all things district 4!

To make your own you will need: two small spacer beads, two bead caps, two faux pearl beads, six blue gemstone/glass chips, two shell charms, two eyepins, two ear wires + flat & round nose pliers

DIY district 4 inspired earrings

1. Thread your beads onto an eyepins starting with a spacer followed by a bead cap, faux pearl and three chips

2. Use your flat nose pliers to bend the end of the wire at a right angle below the beads, then switch to round nose pliers to create a hanging loop for your shell charm.

Tip! To make the final earring hang nicely make sure this loop faces the opposite direction to the one at the top of the beads!

3. Use the loop above the beads to attach on your ear wires. Although you can buy these ready made, for this tutorial I created my own - check out this tutorial on how to use eyepins or wire to make them from scratch!

DIY district 4 inspired earrings

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