Sunday, 12 October 2014

DIY Wire Wrapped 'BOO' Necklace

boo necklace 1

After recently posting a tutorial for a bold Halloween Candy Corn necklace today I thought I'd share something for those of you who'd like a piece of Halloween jewellery that's a little more subtle. This BOO necklace takes a little more time to make but I love how the finished piece turned out! Even if you aren't a big fan of all things spooky this technique is brilliant for making personalised name or word necklaces - perhaps even one to bookmark for DIY Christmas gifts!

To make your own BOO necklace you will need: jewellery wire, jewellery pliers (round nose & flat nose), paper & a pen, orange & black embroidery threads, glue, jump rings and a necklace (or chain + a clasp)

boo necklace step by step

1. Draw out your design onto paper before working with any wire, making sure it is made up of one continuous line. You'll also need to add a loop at either end which will allow you to attach the finished pendant to your necklace chain.

As with any wire pendant, try to get the two hanging loops sitting at a fairly level height and above the middle of the design to avoid your pendant being top heavy. Unfortunately if you skip this step your necklace might flip upside down when you wear it which in this case means it will read 'poo' - not ideal! Alternatively you can use capital letters but you'll still need the loops to be closer to the top of the pendant to ensure it sits correctly when worn.

2. Once you are happy with the design use jewellery pliers to replicate it with your wire. If you need to you can start manipulating the wire, stopping to lay it over your drawn design along the way to make sure it matches up

3. Next take strands of orange and black embroidery thread and knot them onto the first loop of wire then tightly wrap the threads around the entire pendant until you reach the second loop and finish off with another knot

4. Trim off any excess threads and add on a dab of glue to secure the ends in place and stop fraying

5. Assemble your chain if necessary and use jump rings to attach the pendant onto it and your necklace is complete!

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