Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crafting Lately - Cluedo Board Storage Box

This project had been on my to-do list for quite some time and today I'm using the term 'lately' very loosely as I finally got around to trying out this upcycling idea out back in February!

I had seen the image of the finished Monopoly box floating around on sites like Pinterest for a while but was unable to track down's original tutorial post which seems to have been removed from the site. I did however come across this post over on Planet Forward which has the full set of written instructions but unfortunately no images.

cluedo board box diy 2
cluedo box diy 3

The box itself turned out to be quite tricky to make following written instructions alone but I got there in the end! As you can see I used a Cluedo board for my box and chose to finish it off with a green washi tape that ties in well with the board's colours. Unfortunately the box isn't all that durable as it was difficult to score along the edge that would create the lid so I don't feel like it would stand up well to everyday use although it could definitely be used as a storage box. There were also a few offcuts from the board which could be saved to be used as coasters!

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What have you been crafting lately?
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